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"The O'Neill was supposed to be our last great hope."

The O'Neill was the most advanced ship the Asgard had ever produced at the time of its construction and the prototype of the O'Neill-class. Named after Jack O'Neill of the Tau'ri, the O'Neill was the first of a new class of vessels designed solely to fight the Replicators, who had become impervious to every other method of attack the Asgard could conceive of. Despite this, the O'Neill itself was never put to combat use, let alone made fully operational. When the Replicators attempted to invade Thor's homeworld, Samantha Carter devised a plan to destroy the Replicator-infested ships by using the incomplete O'Neill to draw them into hyperspace (making the Replicator ships vulnerable as their shields could not be activated in hyperspace) and rigging the O'Neill to self-destruct, destroying the Replicator ships. While Thor was initially horrified by the plan, Carter was able to convince him, and the Replicator ships were destroyed. (SG1: "Small Victories")

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