Novus computer is an electronic device used to control a variety of tasks.


Novus computer technology is much more advanced than Tau'ri computer technology, its total memory more than 900 exabytes (in comparison to the total amount of data that comprises the internet on Earth Is 500 exabytes.)

The computers in the Novus fallout bunker had access to the full knowledge of the people. This included Kino recordings, Chloe Armstrong's diary, medical information and specifications for their large evacuation ships.


The stationary computer the People of Novus has only so much memory, like the Tau'ri computer. People often used the stationary computer in their off-world colonies and on Novus, recording information that could later be added to the Archive.


After the People of Novus' society had become technologically advanced, they started developing the computer over time, changing its design and increasing its memory. Thirty years after the people had evacuated their homeplanet, the Destiny expedition arrived at the planet and used the fallout bunker computer to transmit as much of the Tenaran archive as they could to the Destiny. (SGU: "Epilogue", "Blockade")

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