This planet has no known canonical name.  While the information presented in this article is canonical, the planet described lacks an official name, thus the title is conjecture.

"Holy crap, we dialed Pittsburgh!"
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The Novus colony was a settlement founded by the people of Novus. Evidence suggests that the planet had advanced to a similar level as Novus itself, but still had buildings reminiscent of late 20th century industrial Earth in the rural areas, which some Destiny crew compared it unfavorably to Pittsburgh. There are two Stargates in range of the planet.



A few centuries before 2010 the planet was colonized by the People of Novus after people started to set up a number of off-world colonies on other worlds. The colonies were founded as Novus during the Industrial Age. The colony suggests that the inhabitants of the planet had reached similar advanced technological level that Novus was in 2010, but still had buildings reminiscent of the late 20th century industrial soil in rural areas – as some of the Destiny crew compared it negatively to Pittsburgh. There are two Stargates within reach of the colony.

At some point, a few years before Destiny's arrival, a Control Ship discovered advanced technology on the planet and attacked the planet, destroying parts of the capital city Terminus. Unable to fend off the drone attacks, surviving colonists moved the Stargate to the rural outskirts of the capital. Some survivors volunteered to drive the remaining vehicles away from the settlement, acting as a diversion so the rest of their people could evacuate to another colony through the Stargate. The drones left on the abandoned planet became inactive.

Present history

A few years after the inhabitants abandoned the planet, members of the Destiny expedition used the planet as a temporary evacuation site whilst Destiny underwent a dangerous maneuver to replenish their energy reserves from a blue giant. The expedition team explored the city in order to obtain food, clothing and medicine. The drones were drawn to the active Stargate and attacked but the expedition was able to escape without loss. (SGU: "Blockade")

Known inhabitants

Known cities



  • The official name of this Novus colony is "Titon", and it's mentioned in the Terminus Tymes prop. Even if the name isn't used in the episode, Blockade script.
  • Unlike their peers on another planet, the people of this colony thrived and built a city with an advanced infrastructure. However, it may have been founded much earlier than the other colony.
  • The colony gives us an indication on their evolution of the English language during a 2000-year period from writing on store fronts and the newspaper. "Novunian English" contains noticeable differences from Modern English such as the elipsis of unnecessary consonants and a linguistic shift toward spelling things phonetically in vowel and consonant usage, outing the many inconsistencies presently included in the language. Examples are "markit" instead of "market", "atak" instead of "attack", "seege" instead of "siege", "kontinuum" instead of "continuum" and "tymes" instead of "times".

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