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"A highly advanced substance, much more effective than lime. This one canister alone will last for years."
Nicholas Rush[src]

The Novus CO2 scrubber substance is a highly advanced substance designed for scrubbing CO2 from the atmosphere.


This substance is designed to scrub carbon dioxide from the air. It functions on Destiny's CO2 scrubbers in the same fashion as lime. However, the substance is significantly more efficient, as one full canister can last for years. It is foam-like in appearance and is easily cut into smaller pieces with a knife. The chemical composition of the substance is unknown.


The substance was manufactured by the People of Novus. It is unclear when the substance was made; however, the Novus fallout bunker stored several crates of the material. It can be assumed that the bunker's life support systems utilized the substance for CO2 scrubbing. It is also possible that the Evacuation ships, built by the People of Novus, used the substance for CO2 scrubbing.

In 2010, when Destiny arrived on Novus and her crew began loading supplies from the fallout bunker, Doctor Nicholas Rush came to the bunker in search of its life support supplies and found several crates of the substance. He then brought back several crates and cut them so that they could fit into the Destiny's canisters. With the substance, Destiny's life support problems were solved. (SGU: "Epilogue")

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