Novo is a Balarian who survived the Hoffan plague.



She was among a large group of people who escaped Balar after an attack from the Wraith. The Balarians were welcomed into a village led by Elson. Novo was a guest in Renni's home, and was adored by Renni's daughter. She became Dr. Carson Beckett's assistant. She aided him in treating the Balarians who survived the Wraith attack and were now facing complications from the plague.

Unfortunately, the Wraith then followed her people to the village. A Wraith Commander demanded that the villagers give up the Balarians if they wished to save their own lives. While most people were unwilling to send the innocent Balarians to their certain death, a small group of villagers, led by Jervis, armed themselves and went door-to-door rounding up Balarian outsiders. Novo and a man named Sefaris were among a large group of people captured by Jervis' men and handed over to the Wraith. They were brought to the Stargate, where Sefaris attempted to trade the lives of the Balarians for Dr. Beckett's life. When that failed, he selfishly offered Beckett's life in place of his alone. Novo and the group of Balarians that were given over to the Wraith were last seen awaiting the Hive ship. When Wraith Darts were deployed to transport Beckett and Dr. Rodney McKay to the Hive, it is assumed that the group of Balarians (including Novo) were transported at the same time. (SGA: "Outsiders")

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