Nova/Brilliance Audio is a publishing company that publishes audiobooks based on the movie Stargate.


Image Title Author(s) Release Date
Stargate Rebellion Audiobook Stargate: Rebellion (audiobook) Bill McCay December 1995
When the crack team of scientists and soldiers entered the Stargate, armed rebellion on a planet a million light-years away was the last thing on their minds. Now that it's started, no one can ignore it—not commando Jack O'Neil, not renegade Egyptologist Daniel Jackson, and most of all not the newly freed people of Abydos.
Stargate Retaliation Audiobook Stargate: Retaliation (audiobook) Bill McCay September 1997
A sequel to the hit sci-fi movie Stargate. Rebellion gave the Abydans their freedom, but unexpected betrayal has endangered new alliances. Now, with chaos in the streets, the time is ripe for the return of the enraged Hathor and her legions. Having bided her time, she plots the reconquest of the world—and this time, she brings a weapon more awesome than any of the rebels can imagine.
Stargate Retribution Stargate: Retribution (audiobook) Bill McCay October 1, 1997
At the end of Stargate: Retaliation, Egyptologist Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neil and his armed forces, and the people of Abydos barely made it to Earth through the StarGate as it exploded on their heels. It was a desperate attempt to stop Hathor's minions from following them, but now, they face an even greater threat. Hathor, in her extraordinary space vessel, is headed straight for earth and it's up to Daniel and Jack to convince the world of this extremely dangerous enemy. Simultaneous release with the Roc paperback.
Stargate Reconnaissance Audiobook Stargate: Reconnaissance (audiobook) Bill McCay June 15, 1998
Light-years from home, and only one step closer to hell, Stargate renegades Jack O'Neil and Daniel Jackson are plunged into an illusive paradise where an alien war could spell a mortal's doom. . .

With Hathor destroyed and her killer spaceship decimated, the Abydan refugees are awarded the privilege of first colonization. But their dream for the wilderness planet of Ballas is turned into a nightmare by a native species with a predatory instinct for survival - and a deadly ambition to win total Stargate control. Only O'Neil and Jackson can stop these armed feral warriors. But terminating their enemy's ultimate prize means destroying their own last hope of getting home alive. . .

Stargate Resistance Audiobook Stargate: Resistance (audiobook) Bill McCay October 15, 1999
Led by Colonel Jack O'Neil and Daniel Jackson, the Abydan refugees left Earth for a world they could call home. Instead they found hell...

Earth's Stargate link to planet Ballas is broken, leaving the Abydan colonists stranded - and stalked by a merciless enemy. Believed first to be primitive beasts native to Ballas, these cat-like predators arrived through the Stargate - possessing superior firepower and innate military cunning. But who are these aliens, and why are they on Ballas? The answers lie in the secret past of an alien race - a race that is all too familiar to O'Neil and Jackson.

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