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"Not the Com Lab" is the second webisode in the series of 34 Kino webisodes


Eli Wallace gives a tour of one of the many corridors and gets a bit lost, eventually ending up in the Destiny's infirmary.


A Kino follows Eli Wallace, who is trying to give the tour. He announces that they are in one of many corridors on the ship, and that he believes the room next to him is the Communication lab. Although the crew are still trying to map the ship, he claims he has a good sense of direction. However, as he opens the door, he realizes he stepped into the infirmary, not the Com Lab. He notes that they don't know how half the equipment in the infirmary works, but he finds it "pretty cool." Eli is then puzzled about how he could return; Eli seems lost.


  • This webisode probably takes place sometime after "Darkness" and "Light".
  • This webisode is a sequel to no episodes.
  • This is the first Tour Webisode. It is supposed to tour the Communication lab, however due to events, it tours the infirmary.

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