Norina Pero was the chief scientist of the Taranians.



She learned a lot from Dr. Rodney McKay about Ancient technology when the Atlantis expedition answered their distress call. When McKay found out that the base was inside a volcano and, as the Taranians had been running the shields constantly for over a year using Geothermal energy, it was about to explode, she helped convince Chancellor Lycus to evacuate the planet. When McKay was fixing the ancient warship Orion, she helped where she could and managed to escape with them off Taranis as it was being covered by a thick ash cloud that would kill any life. She probably relocated with the rest of her people to the Taranian settlement. If this is the case, she is most likely dead, as Michael Kenmore killed all of the Taranians as part of his attempt to create a hybrid soldier that would help him take over the galaxy. (SGA: "Inferno", "Vengeance")

Behind the scenesEdit

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