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"Nobody Cares" is the tenth webisode in the series of 34 Kino webisodes.


Eli Wallace interviews Chloe Armstrong in her quarters and tries to cheer her up.


Eli Wallace is interviewing Chloe Armstrong, who is lying down in her quarters. He asks her what her favorite color is, however, she merely says that "nobody cares" (hence the title). His attempts to cheer her up aren't going as planned. Eli says her favorite color is blue, and knows this because it is the color of her eyes. Chloe no longer wishes to answer questions. When Eli offers to leave, Chloe believes he is mad at her. However, he claims not to be.

He feels like asking more questions, since lot of people would like to know, if there were to be a high school named after her, there would be transcripts of the interview on the walls of the gym. Chloe insists that she is nobody, and she is fine with that. Chloe then asks Eli to leave so she can get some sleep. As he leaves, he reminds Chloe that this is just "part 2" of a "47 part" interview. A tired and frustrated Chloe wishes him a good night before closing the doors in front of him.


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  • This webisode probably takes place sometime after "Darkness" and "Light".

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