Doctor Nimzicki was a physician in the United States Air Force stationed at Stargate Command.



He was on call when Major Charles Kawalsky reported to the infirmary with headaches.

During the exam, Nimzicki discovered that Kawalsky was possessed by a Goa'uld Symbiote which had happened during the team's last mission through the Stargate. When the symbiote realized its identity had been discovered, it took control of Kawalsky's body and killed Nimzicki by snapping his neck straightaway before later going on to hid the body.


Nimzicki's corpse.

Nimzicki's corpse was later found by Dr. Daniel Jackson in one of the quarters and ultimately led the SGC to discover that Kawalsky had been infected by an infant Goa'uld symbiote. (SG1: "The Enemy Within")


  • In the closing credits of The Enemy Within, Nimzicki was actually credited as "Young Doctor".
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