Nightwind was the queen of Michael Kenmore's Hive ship.


Background information

Nightwind was once a powerful Wraith Queen who had her daughters bound to her by oath and blood and over a thousand Wraith serving her. However, during the Lantean-Wraith war, she lost most of her men and her daughters fell away from her, leaving Nightwind with only her hive ship and reputation to bargain with, something she greatly resented. (SGA: "Allegiance")


After Lastlight returned to his brethren, he informed her of the Iratus bug retrovirus to turn Wraith into Humans. In Lastlight's story, Nightwind saw a way to regain her old power though she didn't inform Lastlight of her true plan. She and her hive approached the Atlantis expedition with an offer of an alliance. If the expedition gave them the retrovirus they had tested on Michael, they would use it to feed on other Wraith, as well as giving them a stockpile of Wraith technology. Dr. Elizabeth Weir accepted the offer, and she, Michael, and one scientist were allowed to come down to Atlantis. She agreed to whatever terms the expedition wanted, saying all they wanted was the retrovirus. After testing it on a captured Wraith, she fed on the humanized Wraith. The Queen then decided to test it on a rival hive, though the test failed when the saboteurs were killed. Dr. Rodney McKay promised to come up with a better delivery system, in return for the schematics of a Hive Ship. She agreed, sending them a copy. However, the copy was rigged with a computer virus, which downloaded Lantean hyperdrive schematics and the Stargate address of Earth. (SGA: "Allies", "Allegiance")

After Lastlight confronted Nightwind about their deception, which he had not been informed of, she angrily told him that as far as she was concerned, the "stench" of humanity would never fade from him. As she was of the old ways, Nightwind only saw Lastlight as broken and tainted stock with her men following her lead. As Lastlight was formerly a high-ranking member of the hive of Highcloud for over a hundred years, he wouldn't stand for her treatment of him and allied with Lt. Colonel John Sheppard to stop Nightwind and her hive. When the Daedalus beamed the Iratus bug retrovirus over to her Hive ship, Nightwind was believed to have been made a human. However, the females were resistant to the retrovirus, though she was greatly weakened by it. Attempting to feed on Major Evan Lorne, she was killed by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, Doctor Rodney McKay and Ronon Dex. (SGA: "No Man's Land", "Allegiance")

After being rescued from M8G-352, Lastlight attempted to return to his old hive ship but his role in Nightwind's death caused Highcloud to banish him as she saw his actions as unforgivable. (SGA: "Allegiance")


After Dr. Rodney McKay is turned into a Wraith named Quicksilver, he questions Ember about the Wraith known as "Michael" after his curiosity is peaked by Guide telling him that name. Ember tells McKay the story of Lastlight, including some of Nightwind's personal history and her role in Lastlight's fall. (SGA: "Allegiance")


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