Niam's faction

Niam and two other members of his faction.

"Ascension is the goal of many of us, but Oberoth feels there is still much to do."

Niam's faction was a rogue group of Asurans led by Niam.


The faction were considered rogues among the Asuran race as they believed in attaining Ascension in order to mimic their creators by becoming one with them. (SGA: "Progeny")


By the time of first contact between the Asurans and the Atlantis expedition, the faction was still active and worked to aid the Humans from Earth in order to attain the means for ascending. To accomplish this, Niam helped in destroying the Asuran city-ship that arrived in orbit around Lantea. However, as a result of this, Niam and many of his group were reset to their base programming. Before this Oberoth was well aware of their existence and goals, and while he didn't agree with them, he seemed to leave them mostly be as he knew Niam wanted Ascension and mocked it but did not try to stop him. Only after this faction helped the Atlantis team destroy the Asuran city-ship did the other Asurans try to wipe them out. Niam himself was left in space for several months and the cold of space and the solar radiation deactivated him mostly. He was retrieved by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, Dr. Carson Beckett, Teyla Emmagan, Ronon Dex and Dr. Rodney McKay and reactivated partially to put another freezing program into the Asurans in order to kill the team that took over Atlantis. Unfortunately, the Asurans discovered this and fully reactivated him. Niam proved to still be his very aggressive self and McKay was forced to kill him with an Anti-Replicator gun. (SGA: "Progeny", "The Return, Part 2")

Due to their rebellious actions, Oberoth began a purge of Niam's faction and attempted to destroy all of them. One splinter group created a replica of Atlantis with Organic Asuran copies of the First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team in order to learn from them to find a means of ascending, believing that machines can find a way to do it. By the time this replica team discovered their origins, Oberoth's forces had found them and proceeded with the process of eliminating this part of the faction which was successful. The copy of the Atlantis team managed to escape on a Puddle Jumper with a tracking device for all of Oberoth's Aurora-class battleships (given to them by the Replicator copy of Dr. Jennifer Keller who seemed to be the leader of this part of the faction), which proved invaluable to the destruction of the Asurans. (SGA: "This Mortal Coil")

Once Dr. Elizabeth Weir was converted into an Asuran, she began to sense members of Niam's faction that were still alive. She became the leader of the remnants of this group and helped them flee from their puritan cousins. There was only nine of them including Weir, and at some point they fled Asuras in an Aurora-class battleship to pursue Ascension but always having to look over their shoulders due to the continued existence of Oberoth and the other Asurans who wanted to destroy them. They ultimately learned of Asuras's destruction and sought to finally achieve ascension through artificial means. However, this achievement was unfulfilling as it was not true ascension. They attempted to regain their corporeal forms at Atlantis but Koracen's betrayal (which ended with him being killed by Weir) resulted in the remaining members of Niam's faction being deceived by the Atlantis team and led through a Stargate and left in the vacuum of space where they were incapacitated. (SGA: "Be All My Sins Remember'd", "Ghost in the Machine")

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