This episode is part 1 of 2; it is followed by "New Order, Part 2".

"New Order, Part 1" is the first episode of the eighth season of Stargate SG-1.


With the Stargate Program having been shut down and Colonel Jack O'Neill still in a stasis pod in Antarctica, Major Samantha Carter and Teal'c travel to the Othala Galaxy to contact the Asgard but learn that the Replicators are back. Meanwhile, the new commander of Stargate Command, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, works with Dr. Daniel Jackson to negotiate with the System Lords Amaterasu, Camulus and Yu-huang Shang Ti.

Previously on Stargate SG-1[]

SG-1 encounter a group of Human-form Replicators on the planet Hala. They manage to trap them in a Time dilation field by betraying the trust of Fifth and escape. Major General George S. Hammond is replaced as commander of Stargate Command by Dr. Elizabeth Weir. SG-1 manage to find an Ancient outpost in Antarctica with Colonel Jack O'Neill using the control chair to destroy Anubis and his fleet although this action ultimately takes its toll on O'Neill, leaving him near death. As such, O'Neill is then placed in a stasis pod.


At Stargate Command Dr. Daniel Jackson plans to go to Antarctica but then Dr. Elizabeth Weir enters and tells him that the talks stalled again. He gets frustrated about the situation but tells her to call him "Daniel" as she leaves. She later talks with SG-1 and its members protest that they are not allowed to use the Stargate. She tells them that they can't use it because they want to show their goodwill to the world. Major Samantha Carter then proposes using the modified Tel'tak to get to Othala to contact the Asgard, who could help Colonel Jack O'Neill. However Weir denies that request since they perhaps need that ship in the future to fend off the Goa'uld and because the engines could burn out on the flight.

Later Carter talks with Weir privately and asks her to reconsider her request but she denies. However, when Carter threatens to refuse to work on the modified cargo ship, she gets the allowance. Carter then talks with Teal'c about their flight and when Daniel enters, he is informed that he has to stay because if the two fail he would be the only one left to help O'Neill.

Some time later Carter and Teal'c fly through hyperspace to Hala and during the flight Carter tries to find out how O'Neill modified the engines but she can't find out how he did it. She then tries to start a conversation with Teal'c but it isn't a long talk.

At the SGC, Daniel again talks with Weir about the talks between the nations when suddenly the gate is activated. They receive a text message from Camulus, a Goa'uld System Lord who wants to arrange a meeting between Earth and the System Lords. Weir is then authorized by President Henry Hayes to start negotiations and Daniel informs her about the System Lords, their behavior and their representatives, especially Lord Yu.

Hala's sun

The Tel'tak caught in a black hole.

Meanwhile, Carter and Teal'c reach Hala but find that Hala's sun has become a Black hole and that their engines have burned out. They are unable to break free from the gravitational forces of the black hole.

They try transferring shield power to the engines without effect; the hull breaks apart and as that happens, they are beamed out by Thor. He informs them that the Asgard collapsed the sun to create a black hole to permanently destroy the Replicators on Hala. They estimated that it would take the Human-form Replicators two years to reach the Time dilation device used to trap them, so a more permanent solution was devised. As they talk a large block of Replicators, who have reversed the time dilation device to speed time and their own evolution, form a ship using the energy and matter from the accretion disk of the black hole and escape just before crossing the event horizon, heading towards Thor's ship. They try to escape but the Replicators fire a Replicator-infested projectile on them and board the ship.

While Carter and Teal'c start to destroy the Replicators, Carter is beamed away by the Replicator ship, which then enters hyperspace.

On Earth the representatives, Camulus, Amaterasu, Yu, and his First Prime Oshu arrive. They reveal that since the defeat of Anubis, the System Lords balance of power was destroyed. To avoid open war, they divided his territories among them, but Ba'al found Tartarus, took control of the Kull warriors, and that he plans to attack the worlds protected by the Protected Planets Treaty. They ask if they could use the Ancient weapon against Ba'al. After a break the System Lords offer them Hyperdrive engines as powerful as a Ha'tak for a fleet of Earth ships to take the fight to Ba'al but Weir declines. Instead she proposes that Earth gets Ba'al's territory after they defeated him but the System Lords decline this offer. Afterwards the Goa'uld contact their allies.

In the Asgard galaxy Thor follows the Replicators, which head towards Orilla, the new Asgard homeworld, and rich with Neutronium. It is the key component in Asgard technology, the means for the Replicators to make thousands and construct Human Replicators.

New Order, Part 1 1

Carter on board the Replicator ship.

Meanwhile, on the Replicator ship Carter is confronted by Fifth who is angry with her since she betrayed him. Carter tries to apologize but Fifth refuses to hear of it.

New Order, Part 1 2

Carter being mind-probed by Fifth.

He then proceeds to mind-probe her as a means of torture with Carter doing her best to resist him but ultimately with little success as Fifth keeps probing her again and again with Carter even breaking down and begging Fifth to stop, causing Fifth to retort why should he.

He then continues doing this for some time so that Carter can feel the pain he felt at her betrayal but once he sees just how much pain Carter is in, Fifth eventually relents.

Meanwhile, Thor proposes to Self-destruct his ship to destroy both ships and Teal'c agrees. However, before they reach the Replicators, the ship loses power because of surviving Replicators on the ship. Teal'c destroys them while Thor warns his people. The Asgard then send a fleet to protect Orilla and six O'Neill-class ships destroy the arriving Replicator ship.

On Earth Daniel looks on the message which the System Lords got and before they leave he deactivates the gate. It turns out that the System Lords sent a ship to test Earth's defense and so Weir orders the Goa'uld to be arrested.



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Notable quotes[]

Weir: What can I do for you, Major?
Carter: I want you to reconsider my request.
Weir: I'm sorry.
Carter: That cargo ship was modified using the knowledge of the Ancients. Now there is no guarantee that anyone will ever be able to figure out how it was done.
Weir: And as the most likely person on the planet to figure it out, are you saying that if I don't let you attempt contact the Asgard you won't even try?
Carter: I would never say that.

Jackson: He wants to arrange a meeting for the purpose of negotiating a treaty.
Weir: A Goa'uld wants to arrange a treaty with us?
Jackson: Not just one Goa'uld. All of them. The System Lords. And they want to send representatives here.

Jackson: ... and the last one is Lord Yu.
Weir: Yu?
Jackson: Oh, don't. Every joke, every pun, done to death, seriously.

Weir: Okay. We'll do it.
Jackson: We will?
Weir: In exchange we want Ba'al's territory.
Camulus: What do you mean?
Weir: Well that's the way it works, right? When one System Lord kills another he takes over his armies, his fleet, his planets. That's what we want. Everything in Ba'al's possession.

Amaterasu: (in a female voice) What is the meaning of this?
Jackson: The second message. You've been recalled because the System Lords decided to test our defenses by sending a ship to attack Earth. It'll be here within the hour.


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • This episode is the first to be completely shot and broadcast in HD. Starting with "Nemesis" all episodes were shot completely in 35 mm. Previous episodes were all filmed in 16 mm (except the effect shots).
  • This episode also marks the first SG-1 season premiere to not feature George Hammond or Jack O'Neill.


  • Fifth states that what Major Samantha Carter did gave him “nothing but time” to think, suggesting he was trapped for a long duration. However, the time dilation device would have had the opposite effect, causing his perceived time to be much shorter than outside the time dilation field — only a few hours according to the scale given by Thor in "Unnatural Selection".
  • When Thor's ship malfunctions, it is possible to see something near his right elbow in close shots, possibly a stick controlling that arm.

Other languages[]

  • French: Mésalliance (1ère partie) (Misalliance (part 1))
  • Italian: Un Nuovo Ordine (Parte 1) (A New Order (part 1))
  • Spanish: Un Nuevo Orden (Parte 1) (A New Order (part 1))
  • Czech: Časy Se mění (1. část) (The Times are changing (part 1))
  • German: Neue Machtverhältnisse, Teil 1 (New Power Relations, Part 1)
  • Hungarian: Új világrend (1. rész) (New World Order (part 1))

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