"New Ground" is the nineteenth episode of the third season of Stargate SG-1.


The Bedrosian military are convinced that SG-1 are working for their enemy, the Optricans. While imprisoned, Teal'c evades capture but is blinded. He relies on a Bedrosian archaeologist to help free the rest of his team.


P2X-416 stargate


The team goes to a new planet where two rival factions, Bedrosians and Optricans, each living on different continents, fight over their rival theories. Bedrosians believe that they were created by Nefertum (a Goa'uld). Optricans believe that they were brought through a "gateway" by Nefertum as slaves. Stargate Command makes contact through the newly uncovered Stargate which, according to Major Samantha Carter, previously could not be connected to, presumably because it was buried. Carter created a "cold-dialing" program to redial these Stargates in case they become uncovered again.

On sending a MALP telemetry probe and seeing people, Dr. Daniel Jackson talks to one of them, Nyan, and secures his permission to visit; the other person, Mallin, runs off. As no Dial Home Device can be seen, SG-1 arrives shortly afterward with a Naquadah generator and computer to dial the gate for home.


Commander Rigar.

Mallin, who with Nyan are members of the archaeological team which uncovered the Gate, has told the Bedrosian military that people have come through a circle of stone. The military arrives, and capture Colonel Jack O'Neill, Carter and Jackson, but Teal'c and Nyan escape. The officer in charge, Commander Rigar, brutally interrogates the prisoners, hoping to catch their missing comrade and preserve the lie upon which his religion is based.

Shot by a Bedrosian soldier's weapon, and wounded by the effects of his own Staff weapon blast, Teal'c is injured and blind, with his symbiote likewise damaged. Too badly hurt to heal both, the symbiote must focus on healing itself before healing Teal'c. Though Teal'c has proven all his beliefs to be wrong, Nyan helps Teal'c with a device that restores his vision partially, recognizing that, as a scientist, it is just as exciting to be proven wrong as it is to be proven right.



Rigar's people uncover the DHD, simplifying SG-1's effort to get home. While SG-1 is confined to cages inside a tent, the gate activates and Major General George S. Hammond radios the team. Rigar's aide brings him a field radio and he speaks with Hammond, refusing any cooperation and threatening to execute SG-1 if a rescue is attempted.

With Nyan's help, Teal'c recovers to stage a dramatic rescue of the SG-1 team. They, along with Nyan (whom Teal'c returned to save), escape to Earth, where Nyan becomes Jackson's research assistant. Nyan hopes that someday the situation on his planet will improve, and he will be able to return there and reveal his discoveries to his people.


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Notable quotes[]

Nyan: We have to hide.
O'Neill: I thought you said they weren't around here.
Nyan: Those are not Optrican. They are my people. Bedrosians.
O'Neill: Good guys?
Nyan: Good is not the first word I would use to describe the ones that approach.

O'Neill: Would you believe we come in peace? (no answer) Got a commanding officer around here? (still no answer) Wow, tough crowd.
Carter: What happened to Nyan?
O'Neill: I'd imagine he's saving his own butt right about now.

Rigar: Let us talk about your friend in the woods.
O'Neill: I have no friends, in the woods or otherwise.
Jackson: We're not spies. We're peaceful explorers. We travel through what you call your gateway.
Carter: Fine, the Stargate then, but that's what we came through.
Rigar: All four of you?
Carter: All three of us.
Rigar: It is impossible for one to travel to other planets, much less through a circle of stone.
Carter: The Stargate isn't made of regular stone. If given enough power, a wormhole forms within the circle and that allows us to travel to other worlds.
Rigar: Wormhole?
O'Neill: Giant worms. Huge.
Jackson: Wormhole is just an expression. It has nothing to do with worms. It's a tunnel through space.
Rigar: And how is this illusion of water created that I have heard described.
Jackson: Well, you're right in that. It is an illusion. It's not actually water.
Rigar: Then what is it?
O'Neill: Magic.

Parcy: What if they are telling the truth? What if it is the gateway and the Optricans are right?
Rigar: No, it's a lie.
Parcy: How can you be sure?
Rigar: I am sure because we have not spent our lives praying to a god who does not exist and many of our people have not lost their lives fighting a meaningless war. I won't accept that. I have studied the book of Nefertum word for word, cover to cover. It is the truth.

(Nyan enters the cave and sees Teal'c examining his symbiote)
Nyan: What are you doing? You're an alien.
Teal'c: Come no further.
Nyan: Daniel said you were all human.
Teal'c: Speak of it no more.
Nyan: What are you?
Teal'c: As I have said, speak of it no more. I did not believe you would return.
Nyan: You are the most important thing that has ever happened to my planet, although I have not yet decided if it is a good thing or bad. I brought something for your eyes. It is a healing device that, among other things, can regenerate the visual nerves. It will help most of your sight return within a day. Of course it was designed for humans, so how you respond is uh…
Teal'c: I have no need for it. My sight will return on its own.
Nyan: Because you are alien?
Teal'c: The others are human. I am a Jaffa. I possess within me a symbiote that accelerates healing.
Nyan: Forgive me, but you do not appear to be healing at all.
Teal'c: My symbiote was severely damaged by my own staff weapon blast. It must first heal itself.
Nyan: How long will that take?
Teal'c: It could be days.
Nyan: Might it not die itself?
Teal'c: It is possible.
Nyan: And if that happens?
Teal'c: Then I too will die.

O'Neill: Hey Rigar. You know that "we come in peace" business? Bite me.


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  • Despite becoming Dr. Daniel Jackson's research assistant at the end of the episode, Nyan is never seen or mentioned again.
  • The humans of this world were apparently brought there as slaves many thousands of years ago by the Goa'uld Nefertum, an Underlord of Ra. Nefertum is still worshiped by the Bedrosians as a god (though he is apparently now long gone from their world), and even has a holy book that bears his name called the Book of Nefertum.
  • This is the first time we see the middle section of the wormhole sequence on its own. Previously it has been just after entering the wormhole or the entire sequence.


  • When the Stargate is shown being uncovered at the beginning of the episode, it is shown to have a symbol that resembles the Earth Point of origin symbol on it.
  • When dialing the planet, "chevron 4 locked" is said, but throughout the series the term locked is only used for the final chevron, the previous chevrons are "encoded".
  • When Teal'c enters the cave with Nyan, there are no patches on his jacket. You can see the dark green Velcro circles where they should be.

Other languages[]

  • French: Un Nouveau Monde (A New World)
  • Italian: Nuova Terra (New Ground)
  • Spanish: Nuevas Tierras (New Grounds)
  • Czech: Nové poznání (New Knowledge)
  • German: Tödlicher Verrat (Deadly Treason)
  • Hungarian: Új alapok (New Principles)

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