Netjerians are human-like beings from the planet Ta-Netjer. Netjerians are a long, narrow race with purple-black skin and elongated features. Since their ordination of Hathor, they have become virulently against Goa'uld and built a high-tech and progressive society through their own efforts. Netjerians worshiped Hathor as a god with more dedication. After Hathor left the planet, they didn't take her absence lightly with many resorting to suicide and rituals in the hope that they could get Hathor back.

They are peaceful by nature but not pacifistic. They are outraged by injustice and oppression because of their own experiences in the distant past. Netjerians are very keen to work with people of Stargate Command, which means that they would make good allies. (RPG: "Fantastic Frontiers: Stargate Season One")

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