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Netan was the ruthless leader of the Lucian Alliance and enemy of SG-1.



SG-1 first met him when Ba'al was stealing Stargates to restore his power, which disrupted the distribution of the Kassa crop. He commanded three Ha'tak and cornered Ba'al's Ha'tak. He demanded he surrender but Ba'al refused and he destroyed his ship. (SG1: "Off the Grid")

Later, Teal'c approached him, seeking help against the Ori fleet which was amassing at P3Y-229. Teal'c convinced Netan enough to take three Ha'tak vessels to prevent the Ori incursion. However, two of his ships were destroyed during the Battle of P3Y-229 and his own Ha'tak, with Teal'c and Netan on board was severely damaged. Netan thought that Teal'c led him here to weaken his forces and so he tortured Teal'c for revenge, but later withdrew and destroyed the damaged Ha'tak when three Ha'tak under the command of Bra'tac arrived. His attempt to leave Teal'c for dead was foiled when he was beamed back into the Odyssey just in time. (SG1: "Camelot", "Flesh and Blood")

Netan believed that the Tau'ri was of little or no threat to the Alliance. All of his seconds, especially Anateo, urged him to fight them. Eventually, Netan realized that Anateo planned to have him killed, so he sent him on a fool's errand to hijack the powerful Tau'ri vessel Odyssey, thinking it would get Anateo killed in the process. However, he succeeded and planned a revolt against Netan. When Netan arrived and asked Dr. Daniel Jackson (who temporarily took command of the ship) where Anateo was, Daniel told him that Anateo had been there but "had to go" while gesturing to the window - Anateo had been already killed by Vala Mal Doran, who had beamed him into space. Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, trying to rescue the Odyssey and the other members of SG-1, impersonated Kefflin, a close confidant of Netan's. Mitchell succeeded, further destabilizing Netan's already tenuous hold on the Alliance. In the end, Mitchell tricked Tenat into firing on Netan, causing a firefight between the two Alliance vessels. Netan destroyed Tenat's ship easily, but the distraction allowed the Odyssey's crew to repair the hyperdrive and escape. (SG1: "Company of Thieves")


When SG-1 destroyed his third Lucian Alliance freighter full of Kassa, he put a bounty on their heads. The bounty hunters failed and were taken out by Teal'c, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter and a bus with the last being captured after taking out the rest as they were competition. Little did he know, a bounty had been placed on his own head by his underlings as he failed and his position was badly weakened. When one of the bounty hunters, Odai Ventrell, failed to capture SG-1, Mitchell persuaded him that Netan was a far bigger target. Ventrell went to Netan's Ha'tak and killed the bounty hunter trying to kill Netan. Netan thought Ventrell had saved him, but in the end, he pointed his weapon at Netan's head. Though his fate was not seen on screen, it is likely that he was killed. (SG1: "Bounty")


Netan was ruthless and often merciless during his time as the leader of the Lucian Alliance. He had evidently killed people, even his own seconds (including Gavos) who challenged or stood in his way. Despite this, Netan was still believed by some fellow members of the Alliance to be a coward, particularly when at one point he refused to go after the Tau'ri, who Anateo thought were a bigger threat to them than the Ori. Netan also proved to be short tempered and often resorted to torturing his enemies to make himself better which is seen in Flesh and Blood where he tortures Teal'c.

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