Netan's Ha'tak refers to a series of Ha'taks used by Netan, the leader of the Lucian Alliance.


Netan's first Ha'tak was first used in the Battle of the Stargates. After Ba'al began stealing Stargates including the one on P6G-452 which alerted the Lucian Alliance. Netan was able to locate Ba'al's Ha'tak and took his Ha'tak along with two others to its location and demanded Ba'al surrender. When Ba'al refused, Netan opened fire on the unshielded vessel until Ba'al was able to overcome the effects of the computer virus and raise shields. With SG-1 on board Ba'al's ship the Odyssey opened fire on Netan's ship but it sustained minor damage before Ba'al's ship was destroyed. Netan ordered all fire be directed towards the Odyssey but Colonel Paul Emerson entered hyperspace. (SG1: "Off the Grid")

A short time later, the Ori were able to construct a Supergate near P3Y-229. Teal'c flew a Tel'tak into Lucian Alliance territory and was taken to Netan. Teal'c was able to convince Netan it assist the Tau'ri and Free Jaffa Nation in the Battle of P3Y-229. When they arrived, four Ori warships had already come through the gate and engaged the allied fleet. During the battle, the ship was severely damaged and left adrift by the Ori Army. Teal'c was able to contact the Odyssey but was shot with a Zat'nik'tel by the crew and placed in a cell. Netan contacted the Odyssey which had been heavily damaged and demanded their surrender or he would fire on them even though his ship was not capable of firing. Colonel Paul Emerson and Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell called his bluff and Netan called for reinforcements. Netan, believing he was tricked into the battle to deplete their forces, began to torture Teal'c. When his reinforcements arrived, Netan again demanded the Odyssey's surrender but Bra'tac arrived with three Jaffa Ha'taks and demanded they stand down or face them in battle. Netan, in another Ha'tak, opened fire on his ship to prevent the crew of the Odyssey from salvaging it. (SG1: "Camelot", "Flesh and Blood")

Netan was the leader of the Lucian Alliance and obviously had the strongest Ha'tak. This was demonstrated when Tenat ordered his Ha'tak to open fire on Netan's Ha'tak, having been fooled by Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell into doing so. Despite the fact that Tenat's Ha'tak got the first few shots and continued firing throughout the battle, Netan's Ha'tak weathered the assault easily and destroyed Tenat's Ha'tak without taking damage. Given the presence of desecrated Jackal busts in the halls, it is likely the ship was part of Anubis' fleet, thus explaining its superiority in combat. (SG1: "Company of Thieves")

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