Neera was a Wraith worshipper aboard a Wraith Hive ship.



In 2005, the Wraith Queen whom she served had her cocooned in the hope that Lt. Colonel John Sheppard would try to rescue her when trying to escape and be recaptured. Neera told Sheppard that her people had been culled by the Wraith, and her mother and younger brother had been fed upon. She further asked Sheppard what his world was like, and where he was from. Sheppard then realized that Neera was some sort of spy. After the Queen tried to interrogate him again, Neera was brought into the room as well, but fled when Aiden Ford killed the Wraith guarding the Queen. Neera was killed when the Hive ship and its rival destroyed each other, after Sheppard started a fire fight between them with a Wraith Dart he was piloting. (SGA: "The Hive")

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