"There is an old Jaffa saying, General Hammond: They do not build them as they once did."

A Needle Threader is a specialized Death Glider constructed by the Goa'uld that can travel through the Stargate in a maneuver called "Threading the Needle." It is similar in aim and design to Ancient Puddle Jumpers but, unlike their Ancient counterparts, do not have systems designed to automatically navigate through the Gate, requiring the pilot to manually bring it through the gate, which it is only very slightly smaller than. The Needle Threader was discontinued after it proved difficult for pilots to master, probably due to the extremely tight fit.

Overview[edit | edit source]

A Needle Threader exiting a Stargate.

It carries two crew, a pilot and a gunner, although just like the ordinary Death Glider, it can operate with just a pilot. While the normal Death Glider has two anhedral or down-pointing wings. This craft has one wing curved into a cylinder around the central hull and then tied by horizontal airfoils to the fuselage. The craft has two energy weapons, similar to Staff cannons, which have a range of 70 meters. (SG1: "Into the Fire", "The DVD Collection 15")

The ship is powered by a Naquadah reactor and has a hull made out of Trinium. The ship is 4 meters long and both 6.5 meters tall and wide. (SG1: "The DVD Collection 15")

History[edit | edit source]

This ship was used when SG-1 was being held by Hathor's forces. It was hidden away by Bra'tac around the year 1899, until he retrieved it in 1999 for Teal'c and General George Hammond to use as part of the rescue mission. It was used to attack the Stargate on Eskal, and ultimately led to Stargate Command gaining control of the gate. Since this time, it is unknown what has happened to the Needle Threader. (SG1: "Into the Fire")

References and notes[edit | edit source]

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