Narim was a Tollan who befriended SG-1, becoming particularly close to Samantha Carter.



SG-1 first encountered Narim on the original Tollan homeworld, which had undergone catastrophic volcanic activity, forcing their civilization to flee the doomed planet. Along with a group of fellow Tollan led by Omoc, Narim was found barely alive by SG-1 and taken back to Earth for medical treatment. After recovering from his injuries, he became friends with Captain Samantha Carter, with whom he developed an apparent attraction. She also gave him a cat named Schrödinger. Eventually, with the help of SG-1, Narim and his people were rescued from the NID's Colonel Harold Maybourne, after they were introduced to the Nox, who were eager to take them in while they continued to search for a new home. (SG1: "Enigma")


Narim was eventually returned to Tollana, the new Tollan homeworld, by the Nox. He was again encountered two years later when Skaara crashed on the planet and asked for his Goa'uld to be removed. SG-1 was subsequently invited to defend their personal friend in the resulting Triad, a Tollan private law proceeding. During this meeting, Narim made it clear that he still had feelings for Carter, but she informed him that she was not looking for a relationship at that time. Despite this, his attraction to her remained. (SG1: "Pretense")


The last contact with Narim occurred two years later, after Omoc's death, when SG-1 was invited to his memorial service. Suspicious after learning that his government had agreed to give Earth several Ion Cannons, something which was against official policy, he investigated and discovered along with SG-1 that his government, the Curia, was collaborating with the Goa'uld. Due to shield upgrades implemented by Anubis throughout his fleet (Although his identity was not revealed until a later confrontation), the Tollan Ion cannons no longer had the capability of destroying his Ha'tak class vessels. In addition, Narim learned that the Tollan were being forced by the Goa'uld to create weapons of mass destruction capable of penetrating solid matter, including Earth's iris. To spare Earth from destruction, Narim destroyed the all ready produced phase-shifting weapons. Seeing that the Tollan were unable to deliver the weapons, the Goa'uld began attacking the planet.

Narim escorted SG-1 to the Stargate but chose to stay behind to help his people fight a hopeless battle against the Goa'uld. A short time after SG-1 returned to Earth, the SGC received a message directly from Narim, informing the SGC of Tollana's devastation. The fate of Narim after this transmission is unknown. (SG1: "Between Two Fires")

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