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A member of the Tollan, a highly advanced race of humans, Narim was the only individual initially willing to explore relations with the less-advanced Earth. After a cataclysm on his home planet forced his people to transplant their civilization to another world, SG-1 rescued Narim and the rest of his team from the dying world. He became immediately enamoured with Samantha Carter, who helped save his life. Before leaving Earth with the others to live with the Nox, Narim shared his personal feelings with her. But the Tollan refugees did not stay long on the Nox homeworld; the advanced Nox helped them find a way to the new Tollan homeworld, Tollana. Narim returned to Earth two years later to inform the team that their friend Skaara had arrived on their planet, and was being put on trial to determine whether he or the Goa'uld that possessed him had priority over his body. SG-1 was summoned to represent Skaara in triad.

Two years later he encountered SG-1 again, this time when the team visited Tollana for the funeral of Omac, the leader of the refugees they had rescued years ago. Narim was startled to learn that his people were willing to violate their highest law and give sophisticated weapons technology to Earth. With help from SG-1, Narim discovered that the Tollan Curia had murdered Omac and were in league with the Goa'uld, who were blackmailing them. To save Earth and countless other worlds, Narim took it upon himself to break the deal with the Goa'uld -- throwing his planet into a war they very likely would not win.

Narim was last heard from as he and his people were attempting to flee the Goa'uld attack on Tollana, as their escape transports were being shot out of the sky. He is presumed dead, along with the rest of his people.


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