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{{Infobox Character
{{Infobox Character|
|name= Narim
character name= Narim |
image= |
|race= [[Tollan (people)|Tollan]]
race= [[Tollan]] |
|gender= Male
gender= Male|
|home planet=[[Tollan (planet)|Tollan]], later [[Tollana]]
home planet=[[Tollan Homeworld]], later [[Tollana]]|
|allegiances=[[Tollan (people)|Tollan]]
|appearances= "[[Enigma]]"<br>"[[Pretense]]"<br>"[[Between Two Fires]]"
appearances= [[Enigma]], [[Pretense]], [[Between Two Fires]] |
|actor= [[Garwin Sanford]]
actor= [[Garwin Sanford]] |}}
}}'''Narim''' was a [[Tollan (people)|Tollan]] who befriended [[SG-1]], becoming particularly close to [[Samantha Carter]].
'''Narim''' was a [[Tollan]] who befriended [[SG-1]], becoming particularly close to [[Samantha Carter]]. He was kiiled when [[Tollana]] was attacked by [[Anubis]].
[[SG-1]] first encountered Narim on the original [[Tollan (planet)|Tollan homeworld]], which had undergone catastrophic [[Volcano|volcanic]] activity, forcing their civilization to flee the doomed planet. Along with a group of fellow Tollan led by [[Omoc]], Narim was found barely alive by SG-1 and taken back to Earth for medical treatment. After recovering from his injuries, he became friends with [[Captain]] [[Samantha Carter]], with whom he developed an apparent attraction. She also gave him a [[cat]] named [[Schrödinger]]. Eventually, with the help of SG-1, Narim and his people were rescued from the [[NID]]'s [[Colonel]] [[Harold Maybourne]], after they were introduced to the [[Nox]], who were eager to take them in while they continued to search for a new home. {{cite|SG1|Enigma}}
Narim was eventually returned to [[Tollana]], the new Tollan homeworld, by the [[Nox]]. He was again encountered two years later when [[Skaara]] crashed on the planet and asked for his [[Goa'uld]] to be removed. [[SG-1]] was subsequently invited to defend their personal friend in the resulting [[Triad]], a Tollan private law proceeding. During this meeting, Narim made it clear that he still had feelings for [[Major]] [[Samantha Carter]], but she informed him that she was not looking for a relationship at that time. Despite this, his attraction to her remained. {{cite|SG1|Pretense}}
The last contact with Narim occurred two years later, after [[Omoc]]'s death, when SG-1 was invited to his [[funeral]]. Suspicious after learning that his government had agreed to give [[Earth]] several [[Ion cannon]]s, something which was against official policy, he investigated and discovered along with SG-1 that his government, the [[Curia]], was collaborating with the [[Goa'uld]]. Due to shield upgrades implemented by [[Anubis]] throughout his fleet (although his identity was not revealed until a later confrontation), the Tollan Ion cannons no longer had the capability of destroying his [[Ha'tak]] class vessels. In addition, Narim learned that the Tollan were being forced by the Goa'uld to create [[Phase-shifting weapon|weapons of mass destruction capable of penetrating solid matter]], including Earth's [[Iris]]. To spare Earth from destruction, Narim destroyed the all ready produced phase-shifting weapons. Seeing that the Tollan were unable to deliver the weapons, the Goa'uld began attacking the planet.
Narim escorted SG-1 to the [[Stargate]] but chose to stay behind to help his people fight a hopeless battle against the Goa'uld. A short time after SG-1 returned to Earth, [[Stargate Command]] received a message directly from Narim, informing the SGC of Tollana's devastation. The fate of Narim after this transmission is unknown. {{cite|SG1|Between Two Fires}}
[[Category:Recurring SG-1 characters]]
[[Category:Recurring SG-1 characters]]
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