Moughal is a Shavadai living on the planet Simarka. He is the Chieftain of the Shavadai, a Mongol-derivative tribe. He has a son, Abu.



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This leader is referred to as revolutionary by all clans, as he said that trade will replace clan wars. He's said to be suffering from the "madness," the name used by the Shavadai for being in love, because unlike the others, he has only one wife. Thanks to Captain Samantha Carter, he decided to free all Shavadai women from the ancestral laws which considered women as property and merchandise. (SG1: "Emancipation")

Unfortunately, most of the changes among the Shavadai were undone when he passed away. This especially pained Samantha Carter, as it made her feel as if her time that had been of no effect. (SG1: "Do No Harm")

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