"If we interfere, we are no better than the Ori."
―Morgan Le Fay[src]

Morgan Le Fay, born Ganos Lal, was a Ancient Lantean who lived in Atlantis during the war with the Wraith.


Background information[]

She designed a computer program to teach young Lanteans about their history, using the information in the database. She was one of those who went back to Earth when the Ancient Council decided to sink Atlantis and abandon the Pegasus galaxy. On Earth, Ganos secluded herself in meditation, and ascended. When Merlin descended himself and retained his knowledge and powers to create a weapon which could kill the Ori, Morgan was sent by the Others to observe him—and if necessary, stop him. Locating the Sangraal, she destroyed it. However, Morgan later came to believe Merlin was right about the threat the Ori posed. She captured Merlin, placed him in stasis, and placed him on a planet between four others: Camelot, Castiana, Sahal, and Vagonbrei, as well as setting up tests for those who came searching for it. (SG1: "Morpheus", "The Pegasus Project", "The Quest, Part 1", "The Quest, Part 2")


Morgan Le Fay 3

When Dr. Daniel Jackson used her learning program to locate two possible planets that might have the weapon, she revealed their Ancient names and Stargate addresses. Daniel was suspicious that they had found the answers they were looking for with so little effort and began questioning the hologram, to the concern of Vala and Dr. Weir. Morgan gave herself away when she acted unlike a computer hologram by addressing Daniel directly, -"You have your answer, Daniel Jackson. I suggest you act on it."- Weir subsequently confirmed that the hologram wasn't using any power, forcing Morgan to apologize and confirm the truth, that she was the actual ascended Morgan Le Fay. Daniel angrily told Morgan, addressing the other ascended Ancients as well, that he was tired of them dropping hints and that the they needed to actually give them answers. Moved by Daniel’s speech she was about to tell them that "Merlin's weapon is not on...", but the Others stopped her as she was about to break their highest law: to never interfere with the lower planes. (SG1: "The Pegasus Project")


Battle in the Alteran Home Galaxy 8

Morgan battles Adria

Morgan was banished by the Others for this, but was allowed to remain as an ascended being. She sent visions of the Ark of Truth to Dr. Daniel Jackson, and followed the Odyssey through the Supergate to the Alteran Home Galaxy, where she was able to act more freely as the Ancients were not there. She healed Teal'c when he was wounded and traveling to the Ori palace, showed Vala Mal Doran the symbols to activate the Ark, distracted Adria and gave Daniel support when he was being tortured. She explained that she believed that SG-1 deserved the Ancients' help as they saved them by destroying the Ori- although this left the now-Ascended Adria channeling the full power of their worshippers that had previously been divided among the entire race-, but there was only so much she could do on her own. She informed Daniel that he need only use the Ark on one Prior to spread the truth, but disappeared when Teal'c arrived before she could explain more. After the Doci was exposed to the Ark and all the Priors in the Ori galaxy learned the truth (severely reducing her power) Adria threatened retribution on the team before Morgan entered the room to confronted Adria. Adria claimed that Morgan was no match for her but Morgan smugly informed her "I am now" and engaged Adria in an eternal Ascended battle, removing Adria as a threat forever. Daniel was later able to finish the Ori threat by using the Ark on a Prior in the Milky Way, spreading the truth there too. (SG1: "The Ark of Truth")


While trying to find a solution to the Vanir genetic degradation problem, Daniel suggests that the Ascended rules may allow the Ascended Asgard Ran to help somewhat as long as she doesn't act directly without descending, using Morgan as an example. Daniel mentions how she was allowed to tell them the Stargate addresses, but when she went to tell them exactly where to look, she was stopped and they don't know how she was punished. Daniel suggests that this means that as long as an Ascended being simply guides and doesn't interfere directly as Morgan had tried to do, the Others won't interfere. (SGA: "The Third Path")


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Behind the scenes[]

  • On Joseph Mallozzi's blog, he commented that Morgan Le Fay along with Adria were both locked in perpetual combat similar to one between Oma Desala and Anubis.[2]
  • In Stargate Atlantis: The Third Path, while telling the Vanir about how Morgan was allowed to help them somewhat, Daniel tells them that he doesn't know how she was punished. In actual fact, Morgan explicitly told him that she was banished by the Others for her actions. It's possible that Daniel's memory of this point was hazy, as he was being tortured just prior to their conversation.


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