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A Stargate in the planetary circuit

Morgan's planetary circuit is a circuit of planets established by Morgan Le Fay to keep anyone constructing an anti-Ori weapon free from attack.

An Ancient beam transporter used in combination with a Transport Obelisk is used to beam the contents of a mountain laboratory to another planet with a mountain of similar construction. The gates are on planets which are isolated from the gate network and cannot be dialed into. The chain is entered through the testing cave on Osric's planet, which transports those who succeeded in the tests to the first world where the laboratory is held. The device has safeguards to prevent Ori priors or the Orici from being transported. This ensures that only people who have completed Morgan's puzzles can reach the independent network.

The group is beamed first to a desert planet, then a snow & ice planet, then a forest planet. The chain likely possesses many more planets but only those three have been seen. The cycle presumably repeats if allowed to go on long enough. (SG1: "The Quest, Part 2")

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