Mollem was the Aschen ambassador to Earth, counterpart to Joseph Faxon.



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Mollem conducted negotiations with SG-1 and Ambassador Faxon aboard a Harvester on Volia in hopes of making a treaty with all of Earth, eventually forcing Stargate Command to expose the Stargate to the public. Mollem agreed that in return for the full disclosure of the Stargate network, the Aschen would share their technologies and vaccines with the planet.

Mollem and the rest of the Aschen plotted to eventually overthrow the Tau'ri. With the help of a message from the future, Major Samantha Carter and Faxon returned to Volia, proving that the Aschen would try to sterilize Earth's population. Mollem snatched the Stargate addresses from Carter and left the chamber. He died after the first address he gathered was to the black hole world of P3W-451. (SG1: "2001")

He was married to Mirris before he died. (SG1: "Relativity")

Alternate timelinesEdit

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