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"...from the looks of it, I'd say he's virtually piecing something together from base molecules."
Daniel Jackson[src]

The molecular construction device was a device used by the de-ascended Ancient known as Merlin to create the Sangraal (although in theory the device could create anything the user knew how to build).

Functions[edit | edit source]

"It allows you to design and configure something virtually and then materializes it."
Daniel Jackson[src]

The device worked in conjunction with an Ancient repository, which allowed a user to access the knowledge contained within to visualize what they were trying to create and the construction device would assemble it from base molecules using Ancient beaming technology. An advanced object, such as the Sangraal, had to be built in multiple stages, as concentration was intense and the user must rest. (SG1: "The Quest, Part 2", "The Shroud")

The device showing the changes it will make in the next stage of building

The device appears to work in a manner similar to the upgraded Asgard transporters on the Odyssey, which was able to create simple objects such as musical instruments, oxygen, and food, whose compositions were stored in the Asgard database, while another version was featured on an Asgard science vessel. It is arguable as to whether or not the Asgard version of this technology is as advanced as its Ancient counterpart, as the Asgard have utilized this technology to materialize an anti-Replicator weapon that was built in the ship's computer, and the International Oversight Advisory were able to use the device on Odyssey to materialize a Replicator, a highly advanced and complex piece of technology. (SG1: "New Order, Part 2", "Unending", "The Ark of Truth")

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