This episode is part 1 of 2; it is followed by "Moebius, Part 2".

"Moebius, Part 1" is the nineteenth episode of the eighth season of Stargate SG-1.


Dr. Daniel Jackson hears that Catherine Langford has passed away. He is then given her entire collection, where he discovers a location of a Zero Point Module to contact Atlantis. The catch is, they have to travel back in time to Ancient Egypt to get it. However, their efforts alters the timeline, where Daniel Jackson is a teacher, Samantha Carter is a secretary, and Jack O'Neill has retired.


In her lab, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter reveals to her teammates, Teal'c and Dr. Daniel Jackson the existence of the Daedalus: a new Earth-built battlecruiser which is capable of reaching the Pegasus Galaxy and is also larger and much more advanced than the Prometheus.

Moebius, Part 1 1

Daniel's office full of documents and artifacts that formerly belonged to Catherine Langford.

While there, Daniel receives a phone call and learns of Catherine Langford's death and, after her funeral, receives Catherine's collection of documents and artifacts relating to the Stargate Program.

From one book in the collection, Daniel learns of the former location of a Zero Point Module in Ancient Egypt. Jackson and Carter persuade Brigadier General Jack O'Neill to use the time travel capabilities of the Puddle Jumper they found to travel back and take the ZPM, assuming that Ra never knew of its purpose, although Ra took it with him, thinking it was nothing more than a simple, function less, religious artifact.

Once they arrive in 3000 B.C., they join in an offering to Ra and witness his brutal murder of an Egyptian making the offering. Teal'c disguises himself as a Horus Guard and retrieves the ZPM from Ra's treasury. However, Ra's Jaffa discover the cloaked Jumper after a sandstorm covers it in sand.

Moebius, Part 1 3

SG-1 walking through the desert in Ancient Egypt.

Unwilling to upset the future by fighting the Jaffa to get the Jumper back, SG-1 give up and head off, presumably back to the camp where they decides to live out the rest of their lives in the past, knowing that the rebellion that overthrew Ra will eventually happen. However, as a result of their actions, an alternate timeline is created, one in which the Stargate was never discovered and everything SG-1 have done for the last eight years never happened and as such, the characters are all leading different lives.

In this timeline, Dr. Daniel Jackson is teaching English as a second language, Dr. Samantha Carter, having never joined the military spends her time double-checking other scientists' work at the Department of Aerospace Research, Jack O'Neill is retired from the military and Teal'c is still the First Prime of Apophis. Daniel and Carter are contacted by the Air Force and brought to Cheyenne Mountain.

O'Neill, retired from the military and working as a charter boat captain, is contacted by Major Bert Samuels and asked to return to the United States Air Force, but he declines, and departs in his boat, Homer.

At Cheyenne Mountain, Brigadier General George S. Hammond informs Carter and Jackson that archaeologists found a video camera in a vacuum-sealed canopic jar at a dig in Giza. The video contains a recording of the made by the original SG-1, explaining who they are and what they were doing, as well as a number of events and situations that are true in their timeline, such as recent political events, Presidents and personal details. Their plan is that if things have changed in the future, then SG-1's alternate selves will travel back in time and restore the timeline to its proper path. The details are slightly different (in the alternate timeline, Kinsey is President while Henry Hayes is Secretary of the Interior), but the camera technology is also slightly different, and the Air Force are investigating. They also found the ZPM.

An expedition team is sent to find the Giza Stargate, but find nothing. Instead, they discover that the original Daniel Jackson left a table where the gate should have been, inscribed with an obscure dialect of Ancient Egyptian that only Jackson can read. It reveals that the original SG-1 instigated a successful rebellion against the Ra of 3000 BC. However, this caused him to leave Earth with the Stargate but they do find the Puddle Jumper, and Jackson and Carter figure out how to find the Beta Gate in Antarctica ("the land of the cold to the south") with the Stargate being brought back.

Alternate timeline Carter and Jackson are told they cannot join the expedition to the Beta Gate. Feeling left out, they go to meet with O'Neill, hoping that he can convince Hammond to let them be more involved. He now operates a fishing boat, and charges them $150 to sit on the boat and talk. However, he is not interested and they return without him.

Time Jumper 2

The Time Jumper is discovered.

Back in Colorado, Hammond takes them to meet the alternate version of Dr. Rodney McKay who is the lead scientist on the project concerning the Time Jumper that the original SG-1 used.

Major Paul Davis also reveals that the Jumper was found buried near the dig where the tape and the ZPM were located.

McKay instantly takes a liking to Carter, wasting no time in inviting her off for lunch where the main course is Lemon chicken, McKay's favorite much to Sam's own dismay.

Carter escapes from McKay's unwanted attentions and she later informs Jackson that she's found a way to discover the second Stargate. Her theory eventually pays off and the Stargate is uncovered and brought back to Stargate Command.

Moebius, Part 1 2

Alternate Sam and Daniel watching as the Stargate is put in place via a crane.

The two later meet with General Hammond who thanks them for their help before stating that they are not going to be on the team or the mission to recruit Teal'c because they don't have the necessary qualifications or essential training.

Exasperated, they can only watch as the newly discovered Stargate is lowered into the Gate room.



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Notable quotes[]

Sabrina: You know, my aunt used to talk about you all the time. It's funny - I always used to picture some Indiana Jones type with a bullwhip and a pistol chasing bad guys through some ancient temple!
Jackson: Yeah, well, I generally leave the whip at home, so...
Sabrina: Right, well, me too.
(Jackson looks confused)

Jackson: Holy... buckets. This looks like her entire collection.
O'Neill: I prefer stamps.

Jackson: We have a time machine. We can go back and get the ZPM.
O'Neill: She wouldn't let me go back and watch the Cubs win the World Series.

Dr. Carter: Just because my reproductive organs are on the inside instead of the outside, doesn't— God, that's horrible! Who would ever say that?

Dr. Jackson: What's this?
Hammond: Non-disclosure agreement. What we're about to discuss has been classified top secret by the United States government.
Dr. Jackson: What if we don't want to sign it?
Hammond: Well then you're free to leave.
(Carter hurriedly signs it.)

Dr. Carter: What do you think they're gonna do? Ask us to join an elite team of intergalactic space heroes? Look at us. I think the only reason that they showed us the tape is because we're on it.
Dr. Jackson: Exactly.
Dr. Carter: Oh.


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • A moebius strip is twisted in a way that makes the surface repeat back along itself in an infinite manner.
  • This is the first episode to mention the Daedalus. Following its completion, the Daedalus would be deployed to the Pegasus Galaxy, appearing in various episodes of Stargate: Atlantis although it would be mentioned a few times in Stargate SG-1.
  • Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter says that she is afraid to "step on a bug and change the future." Ray Bradbury's 1952 classic short story "A Sound of Thunder" is about a man who travels back to prehistoric times, steps on a butterfly, and finds his future altered when he returns. It references the butterfly effect in Chaos theory: small differences in initial conditions can lead to unpredictably large differences in future outcomes.
  • The boat Jack O'Neill sails away in is named Homer as a reference to The Simpsons. The name is painted on the stern with the Akbar font, which is also used for titles and on-screen credits in the show.
Eye of Ra medallion

Eye of Ra medallion

  • This is the first mention of the newly created SG-22.
  • Certain signature elements of the musical score to "Moebius" had not been heard since the premiere, "Children of the Gods", musically suggesting that while "Children of the Gods" constituted a beginning to Stargate SG-1, "Moebius" constituted an ending of sorts. Joel Goldsmith shares credit for the "Moebius" score with David Arnold, who composed the original theatrical music for the Stargate movie. Arnold's credit for the episodic music was in addition to his regular credit for the original Stargate themes.
  • Dr. Rodney McKay tells Carter that lemon chicken is his favorite, revealing that in this timeline he isn't allergic to citrus. (It suggests that McKay really isn't allergic to citrus in either timeline; Joseph Mallozzi has stated this trait was based on a real-life acquaintance claiming severe allergies to citrus despite unknowingly eating it frequently.)
  • The restaurant, "Bridges", is visible about 35 minutes in. This is a restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is under the Granville Island bridge.
  • The exterior scenes in Egypt were filmed at the Richmond Sand Dunes.


  • When the original SG-1 leaves the Time Jumper at Giza to have a look around, tire tracks can be seen in the sand.
  • When Dr. Daniel Jackson is speaking to after meeting the two brothers a zipper part or a sweater is visible.
  • At 26:02 Brigadier General George S. Hammond explains how the camcorder was perfectly preserved in a canopic jar and that they were able to recharge its batteries and play the stored tape. However, even in a vacuum sealed environment there would be no way for any tape-based videocamera from the early 2000s to last 5,000 years as the batteries would've long since corroded and the tape would've either broken down or lost its magnetic charge (and therefore all information on the tape).
  • At the end of episode when the Beta Gate is being lowered into position. The shot from behind the gate clearly shows that the back of the gate looks the same as the front while other episodes show that the front and back are different.
  • The Great Pyramids in 3000 B.C. is shown to be covered in heiroglyphics. In the original movie, part of Dr. Daniel Jackson's argument that the pyramids were not built by the Egyptians was that they had no heiroglyphics, and the few inscriptions found there were fake.
  • When Jackson and Carter are shown the Time Jumper, the windscreen has a matte film on it to prevent the reflection of the stage ceiling showing. When they go inside you can see out as though it were perfectly clear glass.

Other languages[]

  • French: Retour vers le Futur (1ère partie) (Back to the Future (part 1))
  • Italian: Moebius (Parte 1) (Moebius (part 1))
  • Spanish: Moebius (Parte 1) (Moebius (part 1))
  • Czech: Moebius (část 1.) (Moebius (part 1))
  • German: Moebius, Teil 1 (Moebius, Part 1)
  • Hungarian: Moebius (1. rész) (Moebius (part 1))

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