"You cannot hope to defeat me!"
―Wraith survivor to John Sheppard[src]

"Mister Hooper" was a Wraith commander whose supply ship was damaged during the siege of Atlantis.


Background information[]

Crashing on a desolate planet in the Lantean system, the survivor was able to survive the next ten thousand years by alternating between hibernating and feeding off captive Humans and his fellow Wraith crew members. (SGA: "The Defiant One")


The Wraith's armor.

When Major John Sheppard led a team to do recon on the Lagrangian Point satellite that had shot down his ship, the survivor was able to kill Dr. Abrams, and partially feed off of Dr. Brendan Gall, who told him about the Puddle Jumper.

Light bugs surround the Wraith.

Since he was wearing metallic armor, and had recently fed, he was able to survive twenty shots from Sheppard's FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon, as well as a Wraith grenade, although after the latter he was clearly injured and weakened. He attacked Sheppard after recovering and was stabbed through his feeding hand with a knife and then had two pistol magazines emptied into him by Dr. Rodney McKay, further weakening but not killing him. The Wraith was finally killed when a Jumper piloted by a rescue team fired a drone weapon at him, blowing him up after Sheppard planted an energy bar on him, causing the Light bugs to swarm around him and give him the biggest lifesign of the planet and thus the perfect target. (SGA: "The Defiant One")

Behind the scenes[]