Mission oriented protected posture (abbreviated "MOPP", pronounced "mop") is a term used by Tau'ri military personnel to describe protective gear, often worn off-world when SG teams find themselves in an environment that could be harmful or toxic. It should not be confused with the Hazmat suit, which has a similar function. Teal'c is often exempt from wearing the garments, as his symbiote protects him from many of the toxic elements the suit is designed to shield against. (SG1: "Singularity", "The Light")

SG teams carry the MOPP gear in their packs, and are usually seen wearing or applying only the gas mask, however, there are at least four levels of MOPP protection.

Instances of useEdit

  • Colonel Jack O'Neill called for "MOPP 4" after coming in physical contact with a dead man on the planet Hanka. Everyone except for Teal'c donned the gas mask and rubber gloves. In addition, Jack also scrubbed his hands with an unknown substance as a precaution(SG1: "Singularity")
  • SG-1 applies the gear after finding a room full of dead bodies. When Major Samantha Carter reveals that the corpses are Goa'uld, Teal'c also dons the protective gear. (SG1: "Legacy")
    • Jack called for "Level A" which seemed to entail donning the gas mask and rubber gloves, however the gloves did not protect Dr. Daniel Jackson from one of Ma'chello's inventions.
  • SG-1, minus Dr. Daniel Jackson, wear the gear (Level 2) as they go through the Stargate to P4X-347 to investigate the cause of what is affecting Daniel and SG-5. After Major Samantha Carter confirms the MALP readings that there are no airborne toxins, they remove their gas masks. (SG1: "The Light")


  • It is unconfirmed what each level of MOPP protection entails for Stargate Command personnel.
  • Outside the Stargate universe, there are five levels of MOPP protection.

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