Mirellus was a local villager from a planet where Michael Kenmore conducted his experiments.



At around 2007, his fellow villagers were taken by the mysterious experiments. One of the taken people was Mirellus' wife. He was among those who abandoned the village and moved to the next one and remained hopeful that he'd find his wife alive.


About a year later, he noticed strangers visiting his old village and decided to investigate. He confronted them, and discovered that they were the Atlantis expedition. He told them why the village was abandoned, and followed them to the caves where Michael's lab was. There, he inadvertently activated the stasis pods, unleashing the creatures. He hoped his wife would be one of them. However, if one of them was his wife, she could not be saved.

He attempted to lead them to the next village for safety. However, when the others decided to wait it out until the morning, he had to spend the night in the "cursed" village. During the confusion that night, and learning that the creatures are sensitive to sound, he became rowdy, and made a noise, despite being hushed by Dr. Carson Beckett. He was loud enough for the creatures to discover the shelter. They dragged out and attacked Mirellus, then killed him. (SGA: "Whispers")

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