The Mini Staff Weapon was a type of Staff weapon used by the Sodan.


These versions of the Jaffa staff weapon were far smaller in size and had a leather strap that allowed them to be worn around the shoulder of the warrior. The staff appears to lack the energy reservoir, which makes the Jaffa's staff-weapon more unwieldy for marksmanship. This lack could also mean that it makes a better melee weapon in close quarters, as it is much shorter.


The Sodan Jaffa people often made use of these weapons in combat and used them to ambush SG-1 when they were visiting the Sodan homeworld. (SG1: "Babylon")

It's unknown whether the Sodan themselves created this variant or it was a standard weapon among the Goa'uld's arsenal.

When Teal'c went after Arkad, he used one of these staff weapons rather than a normal one in his quest for revenge. (SG1: "Talion")


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