"Gentlemen. Welcome to the Midway Station, the halfway point between the Pegasus and Milky Way galaxies."
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The Midway space station was a space station located between the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies, serving as the midpoint of the McKay/Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge.



The space station's interior.

Structurally, the station was built around the two Stargates, and its interior was dominated by a single expansive gate room. However, isolated rooms had been installed along either side of the structure, divided into two floors. The gates themselves were located in between these levels, accessible by ramps, like in Stargate Command. Due to the two gates' close proximity to each other, a work-around had to be created so that the Pegasus gate would not supersede the Milky Way gate, allowing both to dial. The other rooms included small living quarters for the personnel, and travelers between the galaxies, as well as at least one weapons room. Stargate operations were monitored by a control room on the upper level of the station. There was also an airlock which included Space suits and a Puddle Jumper in case of an evacuation. (SGA: "Midway", "Enemy at the Gate")


At the time the gate bridge was completed in 2006, the space station existed as a skeletal framework built around two Stargates, the terminal points of the Milky Way and Pegasus sections of the gate bridge. Enough space was provided for a Puddle Jumper to rest in between the two gates. (SGA: "The Return, Part 1")

When the Asurans briefly took control of Atlantis in 2006, Major General Henry Landry made plans to destroy the still-incomplete station with a Mark IX Nuclear warhead. This plan was however not carried out and construction of the station continued. (SGA: "The Return, Part 2", "Echoes")


The Midway space station during its construction.

By late 2007, the station had been completed to the point that it supported life; the final stages of its construction were personally supervised by Colonel Samantha Carter and Dr. Bill Lee. During the efforts, the artificial gravity briefly failed, but was eventually repaired. It was possible to communicate in real time between the Midway station and people at other gates in the Pegasus galaxy; when Atlantis went missing following its departure from Lantea, the Apollo kept communications with the Midway station to assist in locating the missing city. (SGA: "Adrift", "Lifeline")

After a Kirsan fever breakout on Atlantis, travel between the galaxies was conducted solely over the Midway station, with a 24-hour quarantine imposed on every traveler. (SGA: "Tabula Rasa", "The Seer")


The destruction of Midway.

While the Atlantis expedition worked together with a Wraith (later named Todd), he hacked into Dr. Rodney McKay's computer and found out about the station. He either shared this information with other Wraith, or, had it stolen from him. Several months later a group of Wraith were able to dial the station and take it over. Afterwards, a Wraith team was sent to Earth but they were pursued and eliminated by Ronon Dex and Teal'c, who had been visiting Midway in preparation for Ronon's upcoming interview with the International Oversight Advisory. Before more Wraith could be sent to the Tau'ri homeworld, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and a strike team defeated all the Wraith on the station, but during this process the self-destruct system was inadvertently activated by Dr. Peter Kavanagh. Since it couldn't be stopped, the survivors were evacuated onto a Puddle Jumper and later rescued by the Daedalus during its return trip to Atlantis around a week later. (SGA: "Midway")

It is currently unknown if the station will be rebuilt, but in an alternate timeline nearly a year later, it had not. (SGA: "The Last Man")


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