Michaels is a Senator in the United States Senate and the new head of the off-world spending committee replacing the late Senator Alan Armstrong.

Biography[edit | edit source]

2010[edit | edit source]

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In 2010, she swapped bodies with Camile Wray to do an inspection of Destiny. During her inspection Michaels spoke to Chloe, whose mother had been a friend, and Chloe tried to convince her to support them. Michaels ultimately decided not to support building another Icarus Base, as it would take at least six months and she didn't think the crew would last that long. The Lucian Alliance attack on Homeworld Command occurred at the same time she left her body, which exposed her to deadly dose of radiation from a Lucian Alliance naquadria bomb. Michaels was horrified to learn of her radiation poisoning, but instead of trying to escape her fate, had Varro show her how to disarm the bomb, asking Colonel Young to tell Chloe she was proud of her before she left. According to David Telford, she succeeded in disarming the bomb, though the Destiny crew didn't learn of it for over six days, due to a problem with the communications stones. (SGU: "Alliances", "Hope")

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