Michael Kerrigan is a Brigadier General who holds a senior administrative position at the United States Air Force Academy, most likely as Commandant of Cadets. He was professionally acquainted with Major Samantha Carter, whom he held in high regard. He has a friendly relationship with George S. Hammond.



Kerrigan also took an interest in Cadet Jennifer Hailey, a brilliant yet unruly cadet who, in his view, thought the United States Air Force didn't pose enough of a challenge for her. When Hailey was involved in an altercation where she broke the nose of an upperclassman, however, he had serious doubts that she could become a functioning officer, and was ready to have her expelled from the academy; however, Major Samantha Carter convinced him otherwise, saying Hailey could be an ideal candidate for the work she was involved in at Cheyenne Mountain. Though Kerrigan did not know what exactly she was referring to (though he did not believe the SGC's cover story), he was convinced that if Carter was involved, it had to be important. (SG1: "Prodigy")


A year later, Kerrigan was made aware of the existence of the Stargate, and took part in a newly formed pilot program for training Stargate Command recruits. He took to overseeing the final training exercise personally along with the SGC's commander, Major General George S. Hammond; the two of them made a series of wagers on whether the team of trainees would defeat the SG teams they were pitted against. Though supportive of the logic behind the training program, he did show concern about the disruption caused by running it at the SGC; during one scenario, SG-3 was forced to return under fire, prompting Kerrigan to suggest the scenario be terminated. (SG1: "Proving Ground")

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