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'''Michael''': What do you want from me?<br />
'''Michael''': What do you want from me?<br />
'''Ronon''': Just waiting for you to give me a reason to kill you.
'''Ronon''': Just waiting for you to give me a reason to kill you.<br/>
'''Micheal''': I guess I should thank you.  You are the only one that has been honest with me from the start.
'''Ronon''': He's changing directions. The tracks are difficult to follow. He's good.<br />
'''Ronon''': He's changing directions. The tracks are difficult to follow. He's good.<br />

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This article is about the Stargate: Atlantis episode. For other uses, see Michael (disambiguation).
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"Michael" is the eighteenth episode in the second season of Stargate: Atlantis.


Lt. Michael Kenmore wakes up with no memories about who he is, after he was supposedly captured by the Wraith. While trying to remember his past life, he notices that everyone is looking at him strangely. Soon, he discovers the hard way that he wasn't captured by the Wraith, but was one himself.


A man wakes up in the Atlantis infirmary with no recollection of who or where he is. The senior staff of Atlantis tells him that he is Lt. Michael Kenmore and claim that he lost his memory and was injured while attempting to save his team from the Wraith. Dr. Carson Beckett releases Michael back into the general population under the guide of Teyla Emmagan to try to reclaim his lost memories. However, Michael begins dreaming of the Wraith and confides of this in Teyla, who assures him that she, too, has had similar dreams of the Wraith.


Michael seeing himself as a Wraith in the mirror

In a briefing of the senior staff, Teyla brings up the issue of telling Michael "the truth," arguing that it is becoming difficult to keep up this "lie". The rest of the staff, however, disagrees with this course of action. Beckett advises that Michael try therapy to eliminate the dreams of the Wraith, stating that they may purely be psychological in origin. At the same time, Ronon Dex is having more difficulty than the rest and twice attacks Michael, once after he pins Teyla in a training exercise, and again in the hall.


During another night of no sleep, Michael asks to go to the infirmary for sleeping pills. Beckett, however, has fallen asleep at his desk, and so Michael looks into his logs, finding more suspicious evidence behind everyone's unease around him. So, he takes this evidence back to his room and discovers the truth: he is a Wraith. It turns out that Beckett has nearly perfected the Iratus bug retrovirus and has successfully eliminated the Wraith DNA, provided he administers daily doses of drugs. Because of this development, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard seeks to develop a biological weapon to launch on the Wraith, though Beckett states that he clearly has no means of causing a permanent effect.

Ronon Michael

Ronon attacks Michael.

After this revelation, Michael argues against what the Atlantis team has done to him, stating that they did it for their benefit, rather than his. Michael has also begun to realize that he still has basic Wraith instincts, and while being escorted to the infirmary to receive his daily dose of the drug, he attacks his guard and shoots and kills Sgt. Cole, finding that he has a taste for the blood. Sheppard manages to disable Michael and the team places him in the Atlantis holding cell.

Because of this outbreak, Dr. Elizabeth Weir asks Beckett to increase the dosage after having Michael moved to the new Pegasus Galaxy Alpha Site. Beckett, however, begins blaming himself for what has happened since it was he who developed and administered the retro-virus in the first place, though Weir assures him any fault lies with her since she gave the order to carry out the experiment.


Michael takes Teyla hostage.

Once being moved to the Alpha Site, Michael convinces Teyla to release him because she understands him as no one else does, due to her Wraith gene that allows a certain sense between the two of them. Michael then takes Teyla, as a hostage, into the forest, fleeing Sheppard and Ronon who are searching for them now. Michael and Teyla reach the Stargate where he dials an address and takes Teyla through to an unknown planet, however not before Teyla manages to write the address on a stone. On the other side Teyla becomes aware that there are many Wraith on this planet because that is why Michael went there, to return to his own kind.


In the absence of his injection, Michael's body begins to change, eventually re-developing the organ that allows a wraith to feed on a human. He approaches Teyla with his hand out stretched, intending to feed but seemingly apprehensive. Teyla is not afraid and challenges him to try. Sheppard and Ronon catch up and shoot Michael before he can feed, saving Teyla. They flee as wraith from the nearby Hive ship arrive and attempt to surround them, leaving an unconscious Michael where he fell. The Wraith carry him away.


Atlantis brig; Atlantis gym; Atlantis infirmary; Atlantis living quarter; Computer; Defibrillator; Dial Home Device; DVD; EEG; FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon; Kate Heightmeyer's office; Hive ship; Human-form Wraith; Iratus bug; Iratus bug retrovirus; Jello; Meals ready to eat; Particle magnum; Pegasus Alpha Site; Physiotherapy; Planet (Michael); Scotland; Sparring; Telepathy; Texas; Wraith; Wraith beaming device; Wraith cruiser; Wraith handblaster; Wraith spear gun; Wraith warrior

Notable Quotes

Beckett: Michael, we believe you may be suffering from what's called generalized dissociative amnesia, which usually occurs as a result of significant trauma.
Michael: Trauma caused by the Wraith?
Beckett: We don't know for certain. Hopefully, over time, your memory will return. In the meantime, we'll do our best to help you fill in the gaps: a wee bit at a time so as not to completely overwhelm you.
Michael: I'm already completely overwhelmed. How much worse can it get?

McKay: (to a commissary staff member) Ah. Hey, what happened to the, um, to the blue jello? My favorite, all of a sudden it's off the menu. What gives? (the man shrugs his shoulder and walks away) Thank you! Ah. Lieutenant Kenmore.
Michael: So they tell me. Call me Michael.
McKay: Michael. Right, yes, of course. Michael.
Michael: I'm sorry. Um, I'm probably supposed to know you but ...
McKay: Right, right, the amnesia. Yes, of course, I heard. I'm, uh, Doctor McKay. Rodney McKay. Doctor.
McKay: So, you've been, um, released, I see.
Michael: Just now, but I have some bodyguards following me around everywhere, and Colonel Sheppard's probably somewhere close by. They wanna keep an eye on me in case I suddenly, um ... freak out.
McKay: Yes, freak out, yes. Well, I don't think you're gonna ... you're not gonna ... You're fine, aren't you?

Sheppard: Lieutenant.
Michael: Colonel.
Sheppard: Where you off to?
Michael: My quarters. Doctor Beckett gave me some pills, help me get some sleep. Thought I'd give 'em a try.
Sheppard: No alcohol or heavy machinery.
Michael: Excuse me?
Sheppard: Nothin'. Sleep well.

Michael: What do you want from me?
Ronon: Just waiting for you to give me a reason to kill you.
Micheal: I guess I should thank you.  You are the only one that has been honest with me from the start.

Ronon: He's changing directions. The tracks are difficult to follow. He's good.
Sheppard: But you, uh, can follow them, right? I mean, that's your thing. (After Ronon turns and looks at him.) Among many other things.


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  • During Michael Kenmore's rehabilitation he picks up a picture of his 'parents' next to a closed laptop. Seconds later, the security feed shows the laptop open.

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