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This facility, located on M2S-445 in the Pegasus galaxy, was used by Michael Kenmore as his base of operations. It was apparently converted from a human industrial building, and contained Wraith equipment and a rich database. The building was equipped with a booby trap system that would make it collapse if the database was accessed without authorization. Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team and Major Evan Lorne's team infiltrated the facility and found the database, inadvertently triggering the system. The Daedalus jumped out of hyperspace and came under attack by Michael's cruiser, which they could not destroy since Teyla Emmagan was a prisoner onboard it. Daedalus beamed the trapped team up, and they later rescued Teyla from the cruiser before finally destroying it. (SGA: "The Last Man", "Search and Rescue")

The building contained a pathogen which would infect a human and grow into a Hive ship. This pathogen was released into the air by the facility collapsing, but it is unknown if this was intentional. (SGA: "The Seed")

About six months later, Sheppard referenced the facility's collapse after discovering the lab containing Michael's experiments, warning Doctor Alison Porter not to play around with the computer system as he didn't want another three tons of rubble dropping on him. Porter then revealed that she was able to use what McKay learned from the destruction of Michael's facility to disable the security protocols that had caused the collapse in the recently discovered lab. Sheppard was surprised to hear this and Porter admitted that at the time of the collapse, McKay couldn't have known but the information was useful in hindsight. (SGA: "Whispers")

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