"It's an early version of the hybrid. It's been genetically altered to incorporate the predatory characteristics of several other creatures."
―Carson Beckett.[src]

Michael's experiments were a genetically engineered race created by Michael Kenmore.


"All I am certain is that they're blind and hunt by sound."
―Carson Beckett.[src]

The creatures were one of the earliest versions of Michael Kenmore's Hybrids and were an attempt at engineering an organism that blended Human and Iratus bug genetic material. However, in addition to these, the creatures had a combination of several other life forms spliced into their genetic makeup. Similar to the Hybrids, the organisms were engineered by taking human captives who were then subjected to experiments that altered them into one of these creatures. These changes were irreversible.

Overall, they appeared roughly human, but some possessed hair or were bald but possessed the characteristic Wraith skin, though in a lighter tone. The changes meant that they were created blind with a layer of skin covering their eyes. However, they adapted a means of detecting prey through advanced hearing allowing them to track targets through vibrations alone. They often made a clicking noise that frequently gave away their position. In addition to this, they were capable of scaling walls on their hands and feet. Furthermore, they were quite fast in their movements.

These experiments contained gills located in their necks which secreted a gas compound that took on the appearance of a fog. This was not a defensive adaptation but rather a predatory tool that was used to aid them in the hunt of their prey. Long term exposure to the gas may possibly bring unknown side effects and furthermore helped the creatures hid themselves from their enemies. (SGA: "Whispers")

The creatures did not demonstrate any form of intelligence or communication abilities, suggesting that they were feral and acted through instinct alone.



An early experiment in hybridization.

"There is a reason Michael abandoned that research. Even he couldn't control those creatures."
―Carson Beckett.[src]

The former Wraith known as Michael Kenmore originally created these hybrid organisms. It was one of his initial experimental endeavours with the goal of breeding a new species completely loyal to him. However, they proved to be unstable and out of control to the point that not even Michael was capable of commanding them. Instead, he decided to abandon these experiments on the planet by leaving them in stasis pods. He then proceeded to move on to develop more reliable hybrid warriors. For the next year, several of the creatures began to terrorize the inhabitants of the planet by the nearby village at the catacombs. At first, only a few villagers were taken, but more and more gradually disappeared from the village. The inhabitants eventually decided to relocate to another location, abandoning the cursed town.

In 2008, the lab was discovered by the Atlantis expedition by a team led by Major Anne Teldy. Once uncovering the base, Dr. Alison Porter managed to disable the security system and they informed Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and Dr. Carson Beckett of their find. During the course of their investigation, they found a villager called Mirellus who learned that they went to the catacombs. His wife had disappeared a year ago. He attempted to find her, believing the stasis pods contained her. Thus, he accidentally released the creatures from their sleep, which then began to stalk the team from Atlantis. Captain Alicia Vega and Mirellus were both casualties of the creatures, but the team managed to trick a large number into an ambush by exploiting their dependence on sound. There, they were killed. At this point, it was discovered that many more secret stasis chambers were located in the lab with the creatures awakened, but the team managed to successfully complete their mission and return to Atlantis. (SGA: "Whispers")

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