"Major Marks, please make that ship go away."
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Michael's cruiser was a Wraith cruiser commandeered from the Wraith fleet by Michael Kenmore.


When Michael Kenmore captured the then-pregnant Teyla Emmagan, he had her taken aboard his cruiser where he met with her and transported Teyla to one of his bases. Upon arrival however, Michael found the Daedalus waiting for him and engaged the Tau'ri warship in battle. The Wraith cruiser proved to be no match for the Daedalus and took heavy damage with the Daedalus being hindered by the fact that it couldn't destroy the cruiser without killing Teyla. Finally, as the Daedalus began aiming to disable the cruiser completely, Michael made a run for hyperspace. Though the Daedalus attempted to disable the cruiser with its Asgard plasma beam weapons, Michael's cruiser was able to avoid its shots and escape into hyperspace. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 1")

Following his defeat at the hands of the Daedalus, Michael landed the cruiser on the planet containing his base with the surviving Athosians. After the base was discovered by the Tau'ri with the help of the clone of Dr. Carson Beckett and Nabel Golan, Michael chose to flee his base on the cruiser. Though Beckett attempted to stop him, he failed and Sheppard's team was only able to watch helplessly as the cruiser escaped with Michael and Teyla. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 2")

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The Daedalus damages the cruiser's hyperdrive, preventing an escape

After his base on M2S-445 was destroyed by a booby trap, Michael was sent a subspace message and took his cruiser to the planet with Teyla still on board. Upon arrival, Michael blocked the Stargate and dispatched Wraith Darts to search the wreckage for survivors. Unable to escape, the rescue team hid in orbit in cloaked Puddle Jumpers as Michael's hybrids closed in on Sheppard and Ronon in the debris field.

Eventually, the Daedalus arrived on scene and detected Michael's cruiser. Though the cruiser opened fire on the Daedalus, the crew had quickly raised shields and the cruiser's fire had no effect. Recognizing he was outmatched, Michael ordered an immediate retreat to hyperspace rather than staying to battle the Daedalus. Detecting the cruiser's attempt to run, the Daedalus targeted its hyperdrive with its plasma beam weapons. As Michael's cruiser attempted to enter a hyperspace window, it was hit by the Daedalus' fire and its hyperdrive was disabled. Unable to flee, Michael's cruiser engaged the Daedalus which was hindered once more by the fact that it couldn't destroy the cruiser without killing Teyla. In order to rescue Sheppard and Ronon from Michael's hybrids, the Daedalus was forced to briefly drop its shields to beam the two men to safety. As a result, Michael's cruiser was able to score several direct hits upon the Daedalus before the ship could raise its shields again, disabling sublight engines, hyperdrive, beam weapons and damaging its life support systems.

Under constant fire from the cruiser and in an attempt to rescue Teyla, the Daedalus launches an F-302 attack to disable the cruiser's main weapons. As hoped, Michael launches Darts to protect the cruiser, enabling Sheppard, McKay and Ronon to board the cruiser in a cloaked Puddle Jumper as its Dart Bay is open. Despite an attempt at defense by the cruiser's Darts, the F-302s are able to disable the cruiser's main weapons.

On board, the team locates Teyla who is close to giving birth. McKay delivers Teyla's son while Sheppard and Ronon destroy the cruiser's hyperdrive with C-4 after discovering that its nearly back online. Finding their Puddle Jumper missing, the team meets Kanan who helps them flee the cruiser in a stolen Wraith Dart. With Teyla rescued, Sheppard contacts the repaired Daedalus which destroys Michael's cruiser with two shots from its plasma beam weapons. (SGA: "Search and Rescue")

Though Michael is believed to have been killed when the Daedalus destroyed his cruiser, reports surface that he survived weeks later. However, Richard Woolsey refuses to let them be investigated. (SGA: "The Seed")

While on trial by the Coalition of Planets, Sheppard relates the story of the destruction of Michael's cruiser as proof of his death. When challenged to confirm that Michael is in fact gone, Sheppard states that the cruiser was vaporized and thus there was no body to be found. He is then forced to concede that he can't confirm Michael died when the cruiser exploded. (SGA: "Inquisition")

Its later revealed that Michael was in fact able to escape his cruiser's destruction by stealing the team's Puddle Jumper. (SGA: "The Prodigal")