Miammar Sahelfy is a male Gallician from planet Gallicia. He is eager to please and almost painfully helpful Sahelfy is the most important interaction between colleges Canaseva and those who want to study the work of the Globe. Globe itself is not allowed to study or be affected by them not by the clergy, but the writings on the walls are sometimes available for viewing on the really pious. Pious and self-effacing pastor may be convinced that a visitor wants evidence on the effects of the goddess in order to further their theological education and explain for hours about the mechanisms used to control the storms along the peninsula.

In fact, the good priest has little knowledge of the technology used to learn from keen observation of storms depends where they are likely to hit. He is also the type of person who tends to say more than he means with information about his beloved lobe and the design of the holy of holies. But this is offset by the fact that he is an idiot if inflated information subtly he can pick it up, but he remembers all who show an exaggerated interest in the work of the inner temple. The good pastor is also closely related to the ruling families in both Canaseva and Ul-van, and constantly gossip her cousins ​​about someone who has gone through the temple. But he is also a source of information about the processing of these cities and can recommend contacts in both places for accommodation camels guides and help the universities and temples. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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