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Thanks, and once again, welcome to Stargate Wiki!Anubis 10545 (talk) (Contribs) 06:30, August 8, 2017 (UTC)


Hello! Regarding the edits you've made on a few of our episode articles (including this one on The Enemy Within) in which you've added a "Credits" section - I have a few concerns:

  1. The 'Credits" section adds a lot of physical length to the page; In some cases, the total page length taken up by the "credits" section is nearly as long as the entire rest of the article.
  2. A detailed list of the 'Crew' is included in each season's article (For instance, This section on our SG-1 Season 2 article, the cast and crew of every episode in that season is provided).

As a result, I've reverted those particular edits. Let me know if you have any issues. -Anubis 10545 (talk) (Contribs) 06:49, September 25, 2017 (UTC)

Alternatively, we could implement something like this?:
Credits for Prodigy

Post Production Consultant

  • R. Michael Eliot

Casting by

  • Paul Weber

Canadian Casting by

  • Carol Kelsay

Production Manager

  • Andy Mikita

First Assistant Director

  • Matthew J. Blecha

Second Assistant Director

  • Ryan Kosmynka

Music by

  • Joel Goldsmith

Original Stargate Themes by

  • David Arnold

Theme Song Performed by

Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie

Director of Photography

  • Jim Menard

Production Designer

  • Richard Hudolin


  • Rick Martin

Supervising Art Director

  • Bridget McGuire

Art Directors

  • Doug McLean
  • Ivana Vasak
  • Brentan Harron

Set Decorators

  • Mark Davidson
  • Robert Davidson

Construction Coordinator

  • Thom Wells

Property Master

  • David Sinclair

Special Effects Coordinator

  • Wray Douglas

Camera Operator

  • Will Waring

Chief Lighting Technician

  • Rick Dean

Key Grip

  • R.K. Hill

Second Unit Director

  • Andy Mikita

Second Mixer

  • David Cyr

Head Painter

  • Steve Craine

Costume Designer

  • Christina McQuarrie

Makeup Artist

  • Jan Newman


  • Patrick O'Brien

Production Coordinator

  • Michelle Parzentny

Script Supervisor

  • Candice Field

Script Coordinator

  • Cath-Anne Ambrose

Extras Casting

  • Sandra Couldwell

Unit Manager

  • John G. Lenic

Legal Council

  • Carol Horn

Gekko Assistant

  • Ivon R. Bartok

Production Accountant

  • Nicole Forest

Location Manager

  • Lynn Smith

Transportation Coordinator

  • Lennard H. Chan

Stunt Coordinator

  • Dan Shea

Post Production Supervisor

  • Michael S. McLean

Visual Effects Supervisor

  • James Tichenor

Post Production Coordinator

  • Diane Panozzo

Assistant Editor

  • Doug Oke

Associate Visual Effects Supervisor

  • Michelle Comens

Visual Effects Coordinator

  • Shannon Gurney

'Supervising Sound Editor'

  • Devan Kraushar

Sound Editor

  • James Wallace

Re-Recording Mixers

  • Sina Oroomchi
  • Iain Pattison


Hi. Don't change "uncredited" to "credited" if you don't know. If role is mentioned as "uncredited", it means there's no mention of that character in episode credits. All actors who have such roles, which were added onto wiki, are recognized by fans and there is no any other info about their characters anywhere - neither on series, nor on IMDb or anywhere else.

Atlantistvru (talk) (Contribs) 18:08, September 25, 2017 (UTC) 


Hello! Can you please stop making edits like this, in which you remove the text "#REDIRECT [[Watergate]]". In this example, "Watergate (episode)" is not its own article. It exists so that our citation template can work correctly.

Additionally, in the future, before you being making mass edits to dozens of pages, can you please consult with me first so that we can avoid potential mistakes that need to be reverted. Several of you most recent edits are contrary to our policy here. Thank you! -Anubis 10545 (talk) (Contribs) 08:30, September 29, 2017 (UTC)

Character CategorizationEdit

Can you please also cease making edits like this. We have category chains, so that, for example, the category "Odyssey Crew" is in the category "Tau'ri", and thus someone in the category "Odyssey Crew" doesn't need to also be in the category "Tau'ri" because it would create a redundancy. -Anubis 10545 (talk) (Contribs) 08:34, September 29, 2017 (UTC)


I have placed a temporary ban on your account to give us time to undo the mass edits you have made contrary to our policy. This ban will be removed within three days. If you continue to make mass edits contrary to our policy after this period, your account may be banned for a longer period.

I would, however, like to say that I appreciate your dedication to the wiki, and the large amount of time you've spent here the last few days. I've also noticed that there appears to be an inter-wikia glitch that's causing our standard welcome message not to appear. I've included it above; It provides several useful links to the policy here and other resources on the site. Thank you. -Anubis 10545 (talk) (Contribs) 08:41, September 29, 2017 (UTC)

Looks like you are at it again with unnecessary edits. I've already contacted Anubis 10545 and its likely to get you banned again.--WarGrowlmon18 (talk) (Contribs) 01:08, October 4, 2017 (UTC)

January 2018Edit

I have undone your edit to Redemption, Part 1 , as it's clearly nonsense.  I have also undone several other edits by you which incorrectly capitalize words in other languages.  Please stop your disruptive editing.  PKT (talk) (Contribs) 18:21, January 4, 2018 (UTC)

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