A Mess hall, or Cafeteria, is an area where people can gather to eat or spend their free time. There are mess halls on both the Ancient City-ship Atlantis and the Ancient ship, Destiny, as well as all Tau'ri ships and the majority of alien vessels.

Stargate Command mess[edit | edit source]

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Carter and McKay in the SGC mess hall.

There are two large mess halls and the main kitchen located on Level 22 of Stargate Command as well as several other smaller mess hall throughout the base.

Each one has a large buffet line with several main dishes, like salisbury steak, lemon chicken and roast beef, breakfast items such as hash browns, and an assortment of desserts, including pie and jello. The mess also serves theme meals such as Mexican. (SG1: "Urgo", "48 Hours", "Prophecy", "Arthur's Mantle")

The mess is also frequently used for personal gatherings for SG team members who are waiting to embark on a mission or who are on downtime, awaiting their next orders.

Atlantis mess[edit | edit source]

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Atlantis mess hall.jpg

There is a large mess hall in Atlantis on the West Pier where the personnel of the city can go to eat. Food is served in a sort of buffet line and a balcony provides a spectacular view of the city. (SGA: "Aurora")

The mess even has theme meals such as taquito Tuesday and schnitzel day. Other food served includes salisbury steak, pre-packed sandwiches, a variety of fruit including bananas, apples and grapes and a variety of deserts including jello, fruit cups, chocolate chip cookies and donuts. (SGA: "Broken Ties", "Identity")

In case of an emergency, including an outbreak, the mess hall can double up as an emergency ward if the Atlantis infirmary is full. (SGA: "Tabula Rasa")

There also appears to be another mess hall near the base of the tower with a balcony looking over the ocean and several piers. (SGA: "Sunday", "Remnants")

Gamma Site mess[edit | edit source]

Gamma mess.JPG

The Gamma Site also housed a small mess hall for the military personnel and scientists working here. Some food served included meatloaf and corn dogs along with salads and desserts. SG-1 and the International Oversight Advisory personnel ate a meal here during their tour of the facility. The mess hall was destroyed when the Gamma Site was destroyed. (SG1: "The Scourge")

Icarus mess[edit | edit source]


The Icarus Base mess hall is much smaller and has a much more formal atmosphere than the Atlantis and Destiny equivalents. It consists of a kitchen and a single long dining table, where senior Icarus staff members eat, along with any guests that may be visiting the base. In addition to eating in the dining area, it seems personnel are able to simply enter the kitchen to receive meals in styrofoam containers and eat elsewhere.

In 2009, Senator Alan Armstrong, his daughter, Chloe Armstrong, and Eli Wallace were the guests of honor. As Chloe stood to interrupt her father's toast with one of her own, an explosion was heard elsewhere in the base. Colonel Everett Young, contacted others and, discovering the base was under attack, immediately began organizing an evacuation. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")

Destiny mess[edit | edit source]

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There is a mess hall aboard the Ancient ship Destiny, where Pvt. Darren Becker and other staff members measure and serve daily rations to expedition members. Because many sections of the ship are either damaged or unexplored, the mess hall serves as the best location for the expedition to hold important briefings throughout the day. It is also frequently used for poker games between the crew. (SGU: "Darkness", "Justice")

Due to the lack of supplies from Earth the Destiny expedition has had to gain food from offworld sources such as the alien sweet potato, sour tomatoes and a kiwi-like fruit. (SGU: "Justice", "Faith", "Sabotage")

Dr. Inman was also working on food flavorings and a soy-based protein. (SGU: "Variety", "Space")

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