"Menace" is the nineteenth episode of the fifth season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1 finds Reese, the last of her people on her home planet. They take her back and soon learn that she is an android. Furthermore, she can create Replicators, and they soon become a serious threat to Stargate Command.


SG-1 arrives on a world ravaged by war. In a building, they find a young woman android, completely unscathed. Major Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson convince Major General George S. Hammond to allow them to bring the android back to Stargate Command for further study. The android is activated and speaks with SG-1, telling them its name is Reese and she is unaware that she's not human. Daniel tells Carter that they shouldn't tell her that she's not human yet at least until they are aware of the psychological ramifications. Daniel questions her about what happened to her world, but she will not reveal any details of how it was destroyed. She instead pesters Daniel with questions about Earth and what the planet is like in a childlike manner, showing a lack of maturity in her programming.

Colonel Jack O'Neill, Teal'c and SG-3 return to the planet and discover Replicator blocks, they realize that the world was annihilated by Replicators. The replicators normally go after more advanced technology, yet they left Reese alone on the planet. Carter theorizes that Reese might have some type of safety built into her system for the replicators to leave her alone. Carter tells Daniel it is time to tell Reese that she is an android and he reluctantly agrees.

After struggling to get Reese to sit down so he can talk to her he tries to explain the fact that she's actually an android. She insists she's alive and when Daniel tries to explain that he could prove it to her, Reese gets upset and throws him across the room. She climbs up towards the screening room and yells that she wants out.

While Daniel is getting patched up, Carter wonders if Reese might have some type of programming that won't allow her to accept the fact that she's not human. O'Neill makes an argument, asking if it has occurred to anyone that the android might actually be broken and that they might just want to shut it down.

When Daniel goes to see her again she is overjoyed. She hugs him and apologizes, saying she didn't mean to hurt him. Reese then says she accepts his apology and when he wonders what for, she says he attacked her. He tries to say he didn't and wants to discuss the issue with her, but she wants to show him something she made for him. To Daniel's shock a replicator climbs out of her bookcase onto her arm as she tells him not to worry, it is just a toy for them to play with.

The Replicator is contained, being placed in a reinforced glass box guarded by Teal'c, much to Reese's dismay. Reese becomes upset, believing everyone hates her because she was 'Created Wrong', and believes that they all wish to destroy her and her toys, the Replicators. Jackson tries to console her and convince her otherwise, in the process learning that the people of her world came to fear her and her 'toys', leading them to attempt to destroy them. Reese admits that she told her 'toys' to 'make more of themselves' and that she 'taught them how to defend themselves', then lost control of them, accidentally creating the Replicator plague.

Eventually, Reese, believing that everybody is plotting to destroy her and her 'toys', again, creates an army of Replicators and attempts to escape through the Stargate, locking herself in the Embarkation room while she learns how to use the Stargate. Fearing that she will lose control of her Replicators again, Hammond decides that they must shut down or destroy Reese.

Jackson attempts to shut her down by tricking her into trusting him again and then removing her power source, while Carter and Hammond activate the base's Self-destruct and Teal'c, O'Neill and several SGC personnel attempt to break into the gate room. Reese catches him and twists his arm, tossing him to the ground. Reese can feel her 'toys' being destroyed and screams that they needs to stop killing them. Daniel continues trying to convince Reese to stop what she is doing while the self-destruct is activated by both Hammond and Carter and the gate room blast doors are cut open thanks to Siler.

After activating the self-destruct, Carter realizes that the Replicators are beginning to act independently of Reese, as they had feared.


Reese is hit.

O'Neill breaks into the gate room, just as Jackson appears to have convinced Reese to deactivate the Replicators. O'Neill shoots Reese, inflicting mortal damage on the android.

As Reese shuts down, the Replicator blocks separate. Jackson becomes extremely angry at him, calling him a "stupid son of a bitch". Daniel thought he had convinced Reese to stop the Replicators, that she turned them off herself and not because O'Neill killed her. Now that she is dead, O'Neill has ruined their only chance to stop the Replicators. O'Neill retorts that he had no way of knowing that, and that the situation was too close to a catastrophe to take the chance.

Jack then orders that a sweep be done of the Base, insisting that he wants those damn Replicators out of here before he walks off, leaving Daniel alone in the Embarkation Room with Reese's lifeless remains.


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Notable quotes[]

Carter: There's a pulse.
Jackson: It has a heartbeat?
O'Neill: It has a heart?

Warren: Colonel, you said to look for anything uncharacteristic of the indigenous technology, right?
O'Neill: I would never say anything like that, Major.
Warren: Right. Well, Major Carter said not to ignore anything however insignificant it may seem.
O'Neill: What have you got?
Warren: Well I'm sure it's nothing, Sir, but we found a bunch of these scattered around. I've never seen anything like them before.
(He hands O'Neill a container, from which O'Neill takes out a piece of a Replicator.)
Warren: You know what they are?
O'Neill: Oh yeah.

Carter: It's possible she's giving off some sort of signal or frequency that repels them, maybe not even by design, but by coincidence.
O'Neill: Bug spray?

O'Neill: Hey. That went well.
Carter: Maybe she has some kind of program that prevents her from acknowledging that she is anything but human.
O'Neill: Robot-denial?
Jackson: Looks that way.
O'Neill: Has it occurred to anyone that this thing may have been laying around that planet for quite some time and that maybe it's broken? Or perhaps it never worked right in the first place.
Carter: So you think we should just shut her down?
O'Neill: Oh, I don't know. Let's ask the man who just had his head cracked open.
Jackson: I don't think she meant to hurt me, I just don't think she liked what I was saying.
O'Neill: I don't like most of what you say but I try to resist the urge to shove you through a wall.
Carter: Somehow Reese managed to survive a massive attack from Replicators. There has to be more that we can learn from her, Sir.

Reese: This is boring.
O'Neill: I'm starting to identify with this girl more and more.

O'Neill: (talking on the phone with Hammond) Yes, sir, we may have a Replicator situation down here. I suggest sealing the base and doing a clean sweep. Yes, sir. And we also have a robot on the loose.
Carter: (talking to O'Neill) Sir, we have to preserve her in one piece.
O'Neill: (repeating Carter's words to Hammond) And we'd like it in one piece, if possible.

Reese: It wasn't my fault. The people on my planet were afraid. They wanted to destroy my toys. They wanted to destroy me. They said that my father made me wrong. They thought that I was bad.
Jackson: What did you do?
Reese: I taught my toys to make more of themselves.

Jackson: You stupid son of a bitch.
O'Neill: Hey. You're welcome.
Jackson: You didn't have to shoot her.
O'Neill: Yes. I did.
Jackson: She was shutting them down.
O'Neill: I had no way of knowing that and neither did you.
Jackson: They didn't stop because you shot her. They stopped because she told them to.
O'Neill: Carter said she was losing control. Now if just one of those damn things got out of this base, developed its own personality, we would be royally screwed.
Jackson: You just killed the only chance we'll ever have of stopping them.
O'Neill: Look, I'm sorry. But this is the way it had to go down and you know it.


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  • According to the commentary, the opening scene of this episode when SG-1 are entering the building where they find Reese, was shot on September 11, 2001. When they heard the news of the terrorist attacks, Christopher Judge requested to be in the background instead of in the forefront because he was so emotionally broken up. He had family in New York at the time.
  • Lexa Doig, who starred as Rommie on Andromeda, was originally considered for the role of Reese but she rejected the role because there was an issue that she would be playing an android again. Doig would later appear in season 9 as Dr. Carolyn Lam.


  • When Dr. Daniel Jackson goes to visit Reese, the guard outside her room swipes the card key backwards, with the black stripe on the wrong side.
  • When Reese is shot by Colonel Jack O'Neill, as she falls backwards you can see the actress/stuntwoman is wearing shoes or boots with no heels. In the previous scene when Reese is running down the gate ramp you can clearly see she is wearing heeled boots.
  • All CGI of the Replicators in this episode are of the short-legged ('fly form') variety, but the physical model used in the glass tank (when O'Neill taps on the glass, at 20:11) is that of the previously seen long-legged ('spider form') variety.

Other languages[]

  • French: Menace (dubbed in English)
  • Italian: Minaccia (Menace)
  • Spanish: Amenaza (Menace)
  • Czech: Hrozba (Menace)
  • Hungarian: Fenyegetés (Menace)
  • German: Reese
  • Catalan: Amenaça (Menace)

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