"I'm gonna need you, too."
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Doctor Mehta is a Tau'ri scientist of an unknown field, and works in the Stargate program.



In 2009, she was with Colonel David Telford in Dr. Bill Lee's lab somewhere on Earth, who was waiting for contact from the Destiny, an Ancient spaceship located several billion light years away, and where around 80 people were trapped after evacuating Icarus Base. When Colonel Everett Young made contact with the Long-range communication device, and took control of Telford's body, he required Mehta's assistance. Later, Chloe Armstrong took control of her body, while Mehta's consciousness was transferred to Chloe's body on board the ship. She assisted Telford and was given a tour of the ship. Later, when Lt. Tamara Johansen sedated Telford to prevent any risk from Young's fragile condition, Mehta told TJ she was out of line, even though she did not want Telford to cause more damage to Young. After Chloe visited her mother, Mehta returned to her own body. (SGU: "Air, Part 3")

When Lt. Matthew Scott returned to Earth via the Long-range communication device, Mehta was assigned to chaperone him as he conducted his business on Earth; she took him to the home of Annie Balic, the woman he impregnated when he was sixteen. After she wasn't in the house for a while and left their 8-year-old son, Matthew Balic behind, she offered to call Child Protective Services, though Scott told her not to. (SGU: "Life")

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