General McFarlane was a general who appeared to have responsibility for matters related to the Stargate at the Creek Mountain base following General W. O. West's departure. He helped organize a mission to the Island of Doom by Dr. Joel Murphy, and was present when Murphy's team returned via the Stargate. (Stargate: "Doomsday World 1", "Doomsday World 3")

However, by the time of the return to Abydos due to UMC's mining operation, General West was again in charge, though he maintained his office at the Pentagon rather than from the mountain base. (Stargate: "Rebellion")


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It is not known what McFarlane's position actually was, or what his relationship to the Stargate Project is. He is only seen in the Creek Mountain base being reported to by Dr. Murphy.

McFarlane exists in the Doomsday World comics, which are in continuity with several other Stargate comics by the same publisher as well as the Bill McCay novels, but not with Stargate SG-1 or its spin-offs.

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