McCray's Atlantis reconnaissance team was one of the teams of the Atlantis expedition. The team was formed during the Atlantis Expedition's third year of operation in the Pegasus Galaxy. The team consisted of eight soldiers and a scientist.


In 2006, the planet Sorth was believed to have Ancient technology. The team's mission was to evaluate and research any technology that might have been there. However, it was revealed instead that the advanced technology was actually an abandoned nuclear power plant that was leaking radiation to the natives. When the team went to investigate the factory, they were ambushed by the Genii and killed. Dr. Radek Zelenka survived and managed to convince Sub Commander Argan Loci to help him stop the reactor from going critical.(SGA: "Meltdown")

Known MembersEdit

Commanding officersEdit

Lt. Peter McCray (2006) (deceased)

XO (Second officers)Edit

Sgt. Tanaka (2006) (deceased)

Technical officersEdit

Dr. Radek Zelenka (2006)

Planets visitedEdit

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