Matthew Balic is a male Tau'ri, and the son of Lt. Matthew Scott and Annie Balic.


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Named for his father, Matthew grew up only knowing his mother, Annie Balic, and his maternal grandmother, who died in 2009. Annie became pregnant with Matt when she was only sixteen years old. His father, an altar boy at the time, chose a life in the United States Air Force. He left thinking that Annie would have an abortion. However, she couldn't go through with it. (SGU: "Air, Part 3", "Life")


Eight years later, sometime in 2009, Annie sent a letter to Lt. Matthew Scott in the Air Force, explaining the situation. Unfortunately, Scott was stranded aboard the Destiny by this time and was only able to retrieve the letter and visit Annie's home in the body of Colonel David Telford via the Long-range communication device. When he arrived at the residence, Matthew was home alone and told "Telford" that his mother would be home soon. Scott waited with his chauffeur for three hours until Annie returned. Because Annie does not have clearance in the Stargate program, Scott posed as Telford and was invited inside. Matthew, apparently having eaten cereal for dinner, was told by his mother to go brush his teeth. During their discussion, Scott learned that Annie never told him about her decision to keep her baby because she didn't want to burden him. (SGU: "Life")


Scott continued to visit Matthew to check up on the boy's progress, although he never learned Scott was his father, but instead just some guy that came around now and then. (SGU: "Gauntlet")

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