Mary Anne Hammond was a female Tau'ri and the wife of Major General George S. Hammond and bore him one daughter, Jennifer, who would be the mother to Tessa and Kayla.


Background informationEdit

Warning: The following section is ambiguously canon.

Mary Anne was born in New Hampshire where she developed a love for snow, often going on sleigh rides as a child. Upon growing into an adult, Mary Anne would marry George in a wedding gown with a froth of lace for its trail, becoming a military wife and was often required to move house, never managing to unpack all of the souvenirs the couple picked up from George's tours in Turkey, Germany, England and Japan. Nevertheless, she was a perfect officer's lady and was happy when the couple finally bought their house in Colorado Springs, the first the two had ever owned, with George intending to retire there after his final tour of duty. (SG1: "The First Amendment")

The couple had a single child together, a daughter named Jennifer, who grew up as a typical military brat and learned how to blend in to every new situation, knowing that it would never be long before she would be forced to move on to the next duty station with a new school and new friends. Their daughter eventually left Mary Anne and George's house, however, when she went to college, finding a partner to marry some time after. (SG1: "The First Amendment")

Mary Anne had planned to start a garden of perennials at their house in Colorado Springs, and had also planted several trees in the backyard for the couple's granddaughters to climb. The couple also enjoyed the fireplace at the house, enjoying a glass of white wine in front of it when they were together. They were also able to finally unpack all of their souvenirs, and considered this to be almost like a brand-new start to their marriage. (SG1: "The First Amendment")


Before George was able to retire, however, Mary Anne came down with cancer and went through chemotherapy, causing her hair to fall out and her body to become frail due to the radiation. Mary Anne died a short time after, some four years before SG-1 visited Altair, affecting George for many years to come, and even then it still shocked him with how quick it had all happened. (SG1: "The First Amendment", "Tin Man")

Behind the ScenesEdit

Mary Anne Hammond was originally given the name of Margaret Hammond in the Stargate SG-1: The First Amendment novel, written by Ashley McConnell and published by Roc Books, but this was later superseded by the short story Precognition, written by Jo Graham and published in Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis: Points of Origin by Fandemonium which is considered a more canon source. The backstory information from The First Amendment is included in this article where it does not directly conflict later material.

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