"I'm not just interested in outer space; I'm from outer space."
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Martin Lloyd is a human from another planet who, along with a group of others, deserted from their military, which was fighting a losing war with the Goa'uld. After Martin learned of the destruction of his people, he chose to remain on Earth, living a relatively normal life.


Background information

As the war between Martin's people and the Goa'uld was taking a turn for the worse, Lloyd and the rest of his ship's crew were sent away to find allies. When they discovered the Tau'ri, they instead chose to desert and hide on the remote planet. They hid their ship somewhere in the solar system and crashed in Montana using an escape pod.

However, over time, Martin became convinced that deserting their people was wrong and tried to convince the others to return. His comrades weren't swayed and, realizing Martin was now a liability, drugged him with pharmaceuticals that made him lose most of his memories. They kept his home under surveillance and ensured he continued to remain oblivious to his alien origins. One of his former shipmates posed as his psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Tanner, and continued to prescribe him various drugs laced with the memory-loss chemical. (SG1: "Point of No Return")


Because of the memory loss, Lloyd began suffering from severe paranoia and became a conspiracy theorist. He felt he was being watched by the government, and even kept a detailed diary of his daily activities. Eventually, Lloyd became aware of the Stargate Program and demanded a meeting with Colonel Jack O'Neill. As more and more of Martin's memories began to resurface, SG-1 searched his home in Montana, discovering the drugs Lloyd was taking.

Eventually becoming aware he was an alien, he convinced O'Neill to follow him to the location of his buried escape pod. After they had found the craft and Lloyd's memory had completely returned, he provided Stargate Command with a Stargate address to his homeworld. However, SG-1 found it annihilated by the Goa'uld, with no hint of any survivors. (SG1: "Point of No Return")


Main cast of Wormhole X-Treme!.

Martin returned to Earth where he tried to live a normal life. The United States Air Force provided him with a job, and it was expected that he would never be heard of again. However, Martin eventually became disgruntled with his life style, and started taking the drugs again voluntarily, to forget what he had seen. He hoped that if he would take the drugs long enough, the memory-loss would become permanent.

But as his latent memories began to resurface again, Martin created a campy science fiction television show based on the real Stargate Program and SG-1. The show was picked up with the name Wormhole X-Treme! and Martin was made a creative consultant. Although the SGC were initially concerned about the possible security leak, once they confirmed that Marty legitimately didn't do anything on purpose, they decided to allow the show to continue, reasoning that its existence would allow for plausible deniability if anyone found out about the real Stargate Program as they could then claim that they had simply been watching too much TV.

However, in the meantime, Martin's ship was returning to Earth because of a timed homing mechanism. As the approaching ship was discovered by Stargate Command, SG-1 tracked down Martin once again. O'Neill found him and tried to help Martin recover his memories once again. When he did remember, Martin told the team that the ship approaching Earth was coming to pick up his former comrades. The aliens left Earth, but Martin stayed behind to continue working with the producers of Wormhole X-Treme!. (SG1: "Wormhole X-Treme!")


Although Wormhole X-Treme! only aired three episodes, DVD sales were successful and the studio approached Martin about developing a television movie based on the series. Martin approached Stargate Command to review the movie script, and The Pentagon agreed for plausible deniability reasons. Martin was excited to conduct a spin session with SG-1, although the team itself was less amused. However, eventually the movie was canceled, although the series was renewed instead. The renewed Wormhole X-Treme! went on for ten years with Martin Lloyd as producer. (SG1: "200")

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