Mark Carter was the son of Major General Jacob Carter and Debra Carter and the younger brother of Colonel Samantha Carter. Mark has two children named David and Lisa.


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He was born in 1971. Carter's relationship with his father and, by extension, his sister was a difficult one. Jacob Carter's life was consumed by his work in the military and it eventually brought tragedy on the entire family when Mark's mother Debra Carter was forced to take a cab when Jacob did not pick her up when he was supposed to. This resulted in her being involved in the car accident that killed her.

Mark blamed Jacob for his mother's death, which led to their years-long estrangement. When his sister followed him into the military, their relationship became slightly strained as well. (SG1: "Seth", "Moebius Squared")


After Jacob and Sam participated in a mission that brought an end to Setesh' cult, they both traveled to Mark's home in San Diego in an attempt to clear the air with him. This attempt was successful, and Jacob was able to have a relationship with both his son and his grandchildren. (SG1: "Seth")


Years later, he set Samantha up on a blind date with his friend Pete Shanahan. The two started a relationship and ended up getting engaged but Samantha called off the wedding. (SG1: "Chimera", "Affinity", "Threads")

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